2020 Cyber Weekend Deals

Here is my landing page for all my favorite weekend deals! When you shop through my links, I do make a small commission as long as you shop in the web browser, and not in the retailers mobile app.

I know this year is different for everyone. Please do not feel pressure to buy anything. Personally, my Christmas budget has been cut in half this year. Make a list and make sure you are getting the items you need to check people off.

Thank you so much for supporting me this year!

Last Update: Friday at 6:15 PM


Family Keurig Coffee Brewer

Originally $218 on sale for $189

We love this for brewing coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes. The milk frother is connected and makes for less clutter on the counters.


My Favorite J. Crew Coat

currently 50% off with the code EARLY

I can’t live without this coat. It fits beautifully. I have owned it for 3 years already and it is withstanding the test of time. I am pretty sure I need another color.


My favorite hair curling tool

All T3 tools are 25% off!

I love this wand because it has changed with me over the last 3 years as my hair has changed from short to long. It works on all hair lengths and you can accomplish so many different styles of curls with one tool!

I also love the hair dryer. It is currently 25% off. It has great heat control and 3 different settings for speed. I have noticed my hair staying healthier longer with this!

Get a Dyson Hair Dryer for $219

Yes! You can trust this hair dryer even though it is refurbished. My Mom and Sister both bought these last year and they are in perfect working condition.

Primally Pure is 25% off with code CLASSICALLYCLAD25

Clean Holiday Candle

The brand new holiday candle from Primally Pure! I am grabbing a few of these to gift to neighbors, my boyfriend’s Mom, and my Mom. This is packaged in a recycled jar and is a beautiful blend of beeswax and coconut wax.

Use code classicallyclad25 for 25% off!

My favorite clean deodorant

This is the deodorant that I have found has worked the best for me!

Whipped Body Butter

This stuff looks like a dream. I have not tried it yet, but I have loved all my other body products from Primally Pure so I am sure I would love this.

Flower Bath Salts

Primally Pure makes my favorite clean living bath salts. I use this and my whole body feel silky smooth after!

Use code classicallyclad25 for 25% off

Autumn Diffuser Blend

I can’t wait to grab this oil for my diffuser. Supposedly it is a dream.

Use code classicallyclad25 for 25% off!

Safe & Clean Room Freshener Spray

I can’t wait to grab this too! No scary ingredients but perfect to leave in the bathroom 😉

Use code classicallyclad25 for 25% off


Here are all the items on Amazon that are on sale.

All individual links to each item are listed below.

EU Boom Speaker : only $49! I love these little speakers to bring to the beach with me. They are a nice gift for any boys too because they can easily throw them in the gym bags

Bluelight Glasses : we all need Bluelight glasses with the amount of time we are spending on our computers. Grab a set for you and a set to break apart and throw in everyone’s stockings.

Phillips Electric Toothbrush : this is my toothbrush! My dentist actually noticed a difference in my teeth when I started brushing with this! Save $20!

Furbo Dog Camera : $115 off! The cutest gift for any dog lovers on your list. They can throw treats to their pups and check on them while they are gone.

Slammer Ball Game : a great game for the family and it is under $30 right now!

Cordless Vacuum : this vacuum is rumored to be better than the Dyson cordless vacuum! Try this one out for only $99!

Sony Mirrorless Camera : if you have it in your budget to gift this to your Mom, do it! This is a high performing camera, that is light weight and can easily fit in her purse.

All in One Charger : I have this little charger pad and I am so thankful for it. It only has one cord, which is the best part. You can’t beat the price.

My Ring Light : Are you looking to get great light for all of your photos? You NEED this ring light. I swear by mine.

Vitamin Mixer : This mixer can get through anything and you can get it $100 off! This is a great gift for someone who is fit and loves smoothies or is a new Mom!

Electric Kettle : electric kettles are a must if you love tea and want hot water quick.

Ray Ban Sunglasses : I love these sunglasses. Any girl in her teens, 20s, or 30s could totally rock these!

Echo Dot with Clock : leave this next to your bed to control your lights, set alarms, and play music!

Keurig Cafe : the perfect all in one coffee maker. You don’t need a separate milk frother because it is already attached.

Instant Pot : we invest in one of these during quarantine and it has been so fun to experiment with as a family! This is the exact some one we have and it is $50 off right now!


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