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Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

November 30, 2020

I have personally been a beauty lover for the longest time. I actually feel like it is starting to become the main focus of my blog. I picked items that every girl who is in to beauty would appreciate.

Items for the Beauty Lover I own and Love

Silk Pillow Case

Help your skincare stay on your skin, not your pillows! You won’t get facial lines from the pillow and your hair will stay tamed overnight. This is as luxury as it gets for a pretty fair price.

Dyson Hair Dryer

I just shared my review of this hair dryers on Instagram! I love the power, the feel, and it performs well while protecting your hair! Grab it for 45% off! It is refurbished but my mom and sister both have them and they are in perfect working condition for over a year now! It is worth saving the money.

Facial Steamer

I just invest in this a few months ago and it has been the nicest self care treat. I use it after I was my face and before I use my serums. It helps open my pores and prepare it for all the skincare goodness.

T3 Whirl Trio

I swear by this wand. It is the one hair tool that will change with our hair as time goes on. It is the best investment.

Overnight Resurfacing Peel

Every girl wants to improve her texture, glow, and improve her cell turnover rate. This little magic in a bottle will do all of that! She will wake up silky smooth after just one use.

NuFace Facial Massager

If you want to stimulate collagen in the skin, work at fine lines, and help plump your skin, this fun facial tool is a great investment piece.

Cosmetic Drawers & Organizer

When you invest in nice makeup and skincare, it is essential that you take care of it! This organizer will make it easy to find all your pieces and keep them clean.

T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

I compared this hair dryer to the Dyson hair dryer today. I love this one over the Dyson a little more because of the auto-shut off censor.

Eye Revive Cooling Masks

I wake up in the morning and put these on for 10 minutes to instantly feel awakened. Eye masks are underrated items that we rarely buy for ourselves. They make great gifts! These are the best.

Bite Lipstick Set

If you are looking for strongly pigmented lipstick that are on the cleaner side, these colors are so fun. Perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to go a little bold with her lipstick.

Countertime Radiant Skin Set

This serum has a large amount of safe anti-aging ingredients! The facial roller is also a dream.

Items for the Beauty Lover on My Wish List

Cosmetic Fridge

Many of your serums, eye masks, and facial tools are extra soothing when they are kept cool. This mini fridge will fit right on top of a dresser or vanity.

Cosmetic Case with Mirror

Every time I travel, I wish I had a mirror! This case looks like a great size for travel and the mirror is perfect.

There are TONS of colors available too.

Nice Brush Set

Nice brushes are totally underrated but make the biggest difference when you take care of your hair. I love this set. It covers all the basics.

Techy Cosmetic Mirror

I have been loving this mirror. I love how sleek it looks and the lights are super bright! Every beauty lover need a great mirror to do her makeup in.

Summer Fridays Mini Kit

Sumer Fridays is a great clean brand and this hydrating set would be great for your best friend or sister!

Olaplex Entry Set

This hair care set is all the rage. It is great at hydrating and healing any damage.

Cotton Robe

I have a fuzzy robe, but sometimes it is too hot to do hair and makeup in. A cotton robe would be much lighter, easier to move it, and cooling.

Necessaire Body Wash

This stuff comes in a sandalwood scent and I need to have it! This is a safer body wash option too!

Necessaire Body Exfoliator

Think of the exfoliating body wash from St. Ives, but realize that this is safer and way more luxurious!

Artis Brush Set

Talk about luxury!? These brushes are an absolutely dream. Any beauty expert will be able to figure out how to use them the right way too!

Personal Microderm Tool

This tool is supposed to be great at cleansing the surface cells and pulling all of the junk from your pores!

Vanity with Lit Mirror

Everyone needs a perfect spot to sit, store their makeup, and have a well lit place to apply makeup. This vanity is way too pretty.

Under $50

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

I love this dry shampoo and since it is pricier, it is a great treat! Cute stocking stuffer too.

Anastasia Brow Set

This is the BEST eye brow pencil. It has a very thin tip which allows you to precisely apply the pencil where ever you need to draw a hair like follicle.

Makeup Brush Set

If you are looking more a more affordable make up brush set that still works well, this is a great option. These brushes will last a while.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Speaking of getting brushes to last, this mat is the best way to gently wash your brushes out and really get them clean.

Skin Twin Foundation

Medium coverage foundation plus skincare benefits!? Sign me up! This foundation is hydrating and will last all day. It is also a clean beauty item.

Charcoal Facial Mask

We all need to clear those pores really well once a week. This is a winner! It will pull all the oils and impurities from your skin.

Creamy Concealer

This is THE clean alternative to Tarte Shape Tape. Yes. I said it. It is medium to full coverage. I actually like it more than Tarte Shape Tape because it is more hydrating.

Silk Hair Ties

These hair ties will help protect the hair, not pull, and cause minimal to no damage! Plus, they look chic. Adorable stocking stuffer idea too.

Eye Lash Curler

Everyone forgets to update their eyelash curler. This is my favorite! Another great stocking stuffer idea.

Whipped Body Butter

I just ordered this for myself. It is supposed to smell amazing and be light! Also a clean beauty find!

Use code classicallyclad25 for 25% off

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara

This is my absolute favorite mascara. It helps lengthen, separate, and adds volume.

Makeup Eraser Towel

I don’t own one of these towels yet but everyone says they are great! Another great beauty stocking stuffer.

Coming from a fellow beauty lover, I hope you found this gift guide helpful! You can trust that these items would be treasured by any beauty lover.

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