Outfit Overview – Blanket Scarf Style

January 6, 2016

What I wore: Glasses / Sweater (similar) / Scarf / Leggings / Boots / Watch

It took me some time to finally invest in a blanket scarf.  Even though they have been huge this last year, I wasn’t ever set on buying one until I got this adorable one for Christmas.  My Mom found it on an Etsy shop, which I linked above and I loved it since it was personalized.  I finally felt like I had a blanket scarf that did not look like all the others.

The next two pieces I will tell you about are the sweater and watch that I have on.  They are two classic pieces that my Mom gave me for Christmas. (what would we do without our moms?).  I am obsessed with 3/4 sleeve tops so my Mom hit a home run with the sweater. A Daniel Wellington watch is a Daniel Wellington watch.  Do I need to say much more besides the fact that I am OBSESSED?

As many of you also know, I love Lilly Pulitzer and her classic pieces are great during Chicago winters.  You look at this picture and probably wonder how I could possibly have Lilly on but my leggings are Lilly Pulitzer’s Mia Leggings.  I swear by these.  I am about to go buy a second pair because I wear them every other day.  They do not stretch out as you wear them throughout the day and they are nice and dark so no need to be self conscious of unwanted things being seen through the leggings. :/

Last, but not least, my shoes and sunglasses.  Do not even get me started on these Sperry Duck Boots. If I had a hard time picking a blanket scarf, imagine me trying to pick the boots.  Sperry kept coming out with really cute color combinations, making it harder for me to choose.  I finally caved on the brown on brown because I knew they would go with a majority of my outfits. Now, the sunglasses.  One of my favorite parts of this outfit.  It was the only thing that I allowed myself to splurge on during Christmas.  I had some Christmas cash that I was able to spend and the sunglasses were definitely a need.  I have a post here that had some ideas to spend Christmas cash so make sure to check that out too!

Thanks for reading along!

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