Back to School or Work Outfits ~ Winter Edition

January 11, 2016
Going back to school or work after the Holidays can be daunting because you know everyone is going to be showing up in their best outfits that they probably got as gifts.  Now, you need to figure out how you are going to compete with that girl.  Come on.  You know you all have that girl in mind that is going to totally show you up.  Well, let’s show her up instead.  Here are a few of my ideas that would be great going back to work or school looks.
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The Comfy look for school was put together with Lilly Pulitzer Mia Leggings.  Once again, my favorite leggings in the world and I can’t say it enough.  I know the turtle neck sweaters have been huge this winter, but no matter how hard I tried, I never found one that was flattering. Instead, I loved the oversized v-neck sweaters just like this one.  It is probably going to be chilly walking to class if you are anywhere in the midwest or north east coast so boots are a must.  I love short boots and I paired this outfit with the classic bean boots but honestly, any cropped boots would look adorable.  Picking out socks to go with your outfit can be pretty stressful too but I always try to contrast so if I am wearing a dark sweater, I will wear lighter neutral socks like these.  Please do not spend more than $15 on these knit socks.  Sure, there are a lot of really cute pairs of socks out there, but remember, it is one. single. pair. of. socks. that you are buying.  Now, to finish off the outfit, a bag is always my favorite accessory for the comfy/casual look.  I chose a Longchamp because I love using this bag for class.  But any tote that you have that matches and is durable is great to complete your look!
The Comfy look for work is all about just picking exactly what the look is called, COMFORT.  I am going to pair a cute outfit for what is best for me, but just look in your closet your all your similar classic staples.  My favorite pants for work are the Old Navy Pixie Chinos.  My bank account likes them too because they are nothing too expensive.  My comfiest winter top is little more pricey since it is from Polo Ralph Lauren, but this sweater does go on sale all the time!  They are thick and warm and come in so many colors.  Just because it is winter, do not be afraid to add a pop of color into your outfit.  You would be surprised how much it will effect your mood!  For shoes in the winter, if you have a commute, wear your boots and pack your shoes.  What I have above, is my favorite pair of flats that I always wear but they are not meant for walking in snow so make sure you don’t forget to throw your flats in your bag if your wear your boots in the morning commute.  Finish off the outfit with some easy jewelry and you are all ready for that early morning wake up call and will be as comfy as ever.
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Even for my sophisticated look for class, I am still going to wear my dark wash jeans.  I think jeans are the perfect thing to dress up for class and they are super practical in the winter.  I am going back to my favorite classic brand Polo Ralph Lauren for my top.  You definitely do not need to get this shirt at Polo.  Any top that you have that is a button up and is a neutral color would work great for this outfit.  I chose white because I am kind of obsessed with wearing winter white right now and picking pops of color.  I have so many of these oxford tops and they are one of the best classics that I have in my closet.  You can throw on any statement necklace or scarf to add a pop of color with them and you look perfectly put together.  I am showing a colorful scarf because it is winter so we have to keep warm on that trip to school.  Again, do not be afraid to add color in the winter.  This scarf I picked it great because it is large so you can throw it over your shoulders in class and then do a pretty wrap when going to and from school.  To finish the look, I am still a huge fan of tall boots and they are perfect for staying warm in the winter.  These boots are adorable and easy.  
Now the best way to really wrap everything together is taking some extra time in the morning to do your hair and make-up.  It really shows that you wanted to make a good impression and care about yourself when going into that first day of school.  Hope this was an easy way for all of your to look sophisticated at school!
For the sophisticated work look, I am going to keep the theme of easy because I know that early alarm is still going to be difficult but if your office is fancier, then you need to continue to dress the part into the New Year. Color block dresses are a great, easy, and classic staple.  Just be careful when picking them out because they can sometimes be too boxy and then not flattering.  This dress I picked seems like it will hug in all of the right places.  The one thing I request if you do decide to wear a dress to work in the winter is WEAR TIGHTS.  I have failed all of you if any of you walk out your front door between November through all of February (at least) without tights on.  Ladies, you must wear tights.  With the dress that I have picked, black matte tights would be perfect!  They aren’t expensive so there is no excuse to not wear them.  Sure they are not the most comfortable but beauty is pain sometimes.  I picked out two shoes to go with this outfit.  A heel and a flat.  The heels are suede because I think that looks extremely classic in the winter.  Plus, these heels have a little sassy bow on the back and I am all about that sass in an outfit.  A classic black flat can also work with this outfit if you can not walk around the office in heels all day.  Pick your favorite black flats and they would go great with this.  I chose these flats because my Tory Burch black flats are amazing but, which ever ones you have I am sure are great.  Finally, since the dress I picked is sleeveless, I would wear a sweater or cardigan.  Picking a sweater with a block dress can be hard because if the sweater is too big, it can look unprofessional.  I would recommend a cardigan that comes to your the top of your hips and hugs through your waist.  If you like a longer sweater than that is completely fine but just make sure it hugs you through your back to give you a beautiful silhouette.  With this outfit, I know it seemed like I picked a lot of black out, but it is good to pick one base color and one pop of color, if you are looking for a more sophisticated style at work.  I know this isn’t always the most fun way to dress, but that is why once, again, I am bringing in a pop of color.  You can always bring in some more color with your jewelry!  Don’t forget to accessorize.
I know that was a lot for all of you to read but I hope this was helpful!  Do not forget to follow along with me on Pinterest for more outfit ideas.  I also have tumblr, instagram, and twitter, which are other great ways to follow along with Classically Clad.
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