Last Minute Thanksgiving Outfit

November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the pressure is on to have an adorable outfit!  The thing that is great about the trends this year, is it is more of a color trend than it really is a style.  Go with whatever style you feel that fits you.  I went with a preppy-classic look being it looks timeless in pictures, but as you all know, it fits my personality pretty well too.
You don’t have to do the exact look I created but basically be comfortable and wear layers. I am sure you all have brown tall boots.  Throw those on with a pair of tights.  The tall boots with tights and either a dress or skirt is really slimming for the legs.  Find a burgundy, brown/tan, burnt orange, or dark green skirt or dress that you have.  Like I said, Thanksgiving outfits is more about the color palette than the style.  If you pick the skirt, wear it with a simple tee and a sweater over it. (Like I did here)
Layers are also very important during Thanksgiving.  It is cold outside but from the heat in the kitchen to also most likely being at a grandparents house, the temperature inside is usually higher anyways.  You will want to be able to take layers off.  Have a sweater and a scarf so it is easy to take something off if you start to feel warm.
What I Wore: T-Shirt // Sweater // Skirt // Tights // Boots
I hope everyone has fun break away from school and work.

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