What to Pack for Abroad

January 2, 2017

Here you will find linked a couple of the things above for you to be able to easily buy them.
2. Camera // Go Pro 
4. Chargers with Adapters
5.  Rick Steves Books
Also, grab a journal or a notebook and write things down.  I used the app called Reminisce – Journal on my laptop, and I was happy with it because I could add pictures and locations.  I will say, there is something about a handwritten journal so I would encourage you to grab one of those.  Try to write a couple times a week.  You are going to want to remember everything abroad, and you won’t be able to, trust me.
There are lots of things that you will be able to buy once you get there.  Things to definitely not bring; full sized shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, every cute shirt you own (you will buy ALOT of clothes there), too many pairs of shoes, and umbrellas.
If you have any other questions while you get ready for abroad, do not be afraid to email me (my contact is to the right) or leave a comment below.  Have fun, and I am jealous of all of you moving away soon.

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