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Gift Guide for Him

November 22, 2017

Shopping for the men in your life, whether it is your significant other, father, brother, or grandpa, can be daunting.  I thought it might be helpful to put together some reasonable and classic staples that every man needs in their life, no matter their age.

Fleece Patagonia // Patagonia has some great classic pieces that can last years!  I have had my pull-over for over 2 years and it hasn’t shown any ware-an-tare yet.  I love the grey for men because they can wear it with any wash jean and pull it over a collared shirt for a great warm winter look.

L.L Bean Boots // Let’s face it, boys don’t want to look like weirdos in big winter boots.  These L.L. Bean boots have a small profile so you can barely tell they are super warm winter boots.  They are also waterproof!  L.L. Bean will also replace the soles for you if they get worn down.  A purchase that truly pays off in the long run!
J. Crew Wallet // I got my boyfriend a J. Crew wallet for his birthday in July and it still looks great!  The leather has only gotten smoother with time and all of the seams are holding up.  I am pretty impressed and will probably buy a few for my relatives this Christmas.
Whiskey Rocks Glass Set // This is another classic and timeless gift!  If you have men in the house that love a man cave or bar room, this set can be a great accent.
Irish Cap // I don’t even know if this is the proper name for this hat, but my Grandpa calls it his cap and he is Irish so the hat has become the “Irish Cap”.  This hat is perfect for any “old souls” you have in your life.
Weekender Bag // Girls and guys need weekenders.  They are perfect for packing for… the weekend!  I am a fan of canvas or leather.  They both withstand time really nicely.  The basket weave on this bag is classic.
Bose Sound Link // My mom has had this speaker for a couple of years and it gives off a great sound. We are surprised by how much sound fills the room.  It is also smaller and compact so it can sit on a bookshelf or bedside table.
Bose Sport Headphones // These are even on my Christmas list!  Bluetooth headphones are a huge hit because you don’t need to worry about getting tangled in them at the gym.
Canada Goose Gloves // In my family we like to call these leather gloves driving gloves, instead of winter gloves.  You know that feeling in the winter when you get in the car and the steering wheel is ice cold? You need driving gloves!  Do you know when you have cotton gloves on and you cant grip the siring wheel?  You need driving gloves!  Every guy in your life is outside or driving in the winter like we are, they all need a warm pair of leather driving gloves.
Belt // Belts get worn out.  Even if you think they have one, buy them another!  I love the gold finish on the buckle with this one.  Polo belts also last a littlleeee longer than other brands.
Scarf // Men need a scarf just like women do.  They may not tie them up the same way we do, but they can wrap them back behind their neck to keep warm.  I am loving this red plaid.

Shop and get prices by clicking the items below.

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