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An Affordable Winter Outfit

January 30, 2018

After the holiday spending, it can be hard to spend money on yourself. (Except on Valentine’s day.  Read my gift guide here.)  However, I find myself shopping major sales or going to cheaper retailers.  Personally, I don’t see any issue with this.  I love looking presentable and cute, and this outfit allows me to do it on a budget!  I found this adorable and affordable winter outfit at retailers that are easy for everyone to shop at.

There are certain stores you can shop at on a budget.

A few of my favorites are Old Navy, H&M, and Nordstrom Rack.

Old Navy

Old Navy always has great basics for amazing prices.  These can be basic tees, dresses, or jeans.  They are normally in neutral colors or patterns.


H&M can be a hit or miss, but I think they have great prices on sweaters and cardigans.  Cardigans can be upwards of $50 sometimes and I have found some amazing ones at H&M for under $30!  This sweater in the post is one of those.

Nordstrom Rack

This is my go-to for athletic wear.  I have been getting all of my gym shoes, leggings, and work out tops here.  The everyday wear at Nordstrom Rack is great too, but sometimes you have to check prices because it can still be expensive.

affordable winter outfit - jeans and sweateraffordable winter outfit by MeganLouis Vuitton BagNeutral Color Sunglasses

What I am Wearing

This outfit is my ideal affordable winter outfit.  The jeans are from Old Navy and the sweater is from H&M.  I do have some more expensive staples like my bag and sunglasses, but those pieces are classic and timeless.

Shop My Affordable Winter Outfit

Things to Not Spend Money On

  1. Trendy Sweaters
  2. Jeans
  3. Trendy Tops
  4. Statement Jewelry

All of these things will go out of style and you will be mad you spent so much money on them.

My sweater and ripped jeans in the pictures are a little more trendy so I was happy I didn’t break the bank and they are affordable winter outfit options.  Whereas my bag and sunglasses I know I will have for a very long time!  Sometimes you just gotta give and take and view your closet as an investment.

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P.S. My photos were shot by an amazing photographer named Rori.  She is a Chicago photographer that you should check out.

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