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Gift Guide for All the Men in Your Life

November 13, 2018

The first blog post of the 2018 holiday season is here! So many of you on Instagram told me you need help shopping for all the men in your life.  I am hoping this gift guide can answer all of your prayers.

You can shop any of these items by clicking on the image.  If you need more help understanding how to shop with me, read this post.

Gift Guide for All the Men in Your Life

1. Reserve Decanter & Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

I want to buy this for someone in my family, but I don’t know who yet.  I think it is a nice gift that someone who enjoys a drink will appreciate for a long time.  It would look great on display in a glass cabinet or on a bar cart.

2. Bric’s X-Bag Urban Travel Kit

This bag is great for a man to pack when he is traveling.  It can hold deodorant, cologne, shaving essentials, toothbrush, and more!  I love that it is navy and has leather pulls.

3. Billfold Wallet in Italian Leather

I bought this wallet for my Boyfriend on his Birthday two years ago and it is still in great shape!  He loves how soft the leather is, that it can fit multiple cards, and that his money stays flat.  As time has passed, the leather has faded and it has this genuine weathered look to it.  I would definitely buy this for him again.

4. Daniel Wellington 40mm Classic St Mawes Watch

This is the most classic and timeless watch.  My favorite part about it is that the watch band is interchangeable.  If they need to wear it with a black band, there is a nice tool that makes this an easy switch!  You can choose a gold or silver finish.  The biggest thing I hear from men about this watch is that it is thin, light, and sleek!  They never feel like it is in the way or restricting.

5. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

Every single man in my life is OBSESSED with their YETI cooler and drinkware.  Since this is a more expensive brand, I think it makes a great gift because they normally would not buy this for themselves.  Whenever I give someone a YETI, they treat it like a prized possession.  The YETI’s really do keep your items cold for a long time.  There is no scam here.

6. Apple Airpods

After I bought these for my Dad for his Birthday, I was convinced they are the best wireless headphones for everyday use.  The battery case charges them when you are not using them.  If you already have an iPhone, no need to worry about getting a different charger because it works with what you use for your phone.  The sound quality on them is great and when I call my Dad, I don’t even realize he is talking to me through these.  They are perfect.  These are on my list too.

7. UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker

If you are looking to gift a higher end Bluetooth® speaker, look no further.  This speaker has great sound quality and is slim enough to fit in the cup holder of a car.  Hopefully that can put the size in perspective for you.  I love this speaker because it is easy to travel with too.

8. UGG® Ascot Slipper

This slipper is the warmest slipper on my list.  They are lined with fur and I know how warm they are because I own these.  I love the plaid detail on top.  They look like a perfect gift for men of all ages!

9. UGG® Scuff Slipper

This slipper is a great option if you want an in-between slipper that is kinda warm, but you can cool your foot down too.  The slip-on is also better for any older men in your life.

10. Leather Double-Sole Slippers, Leather-Lined

The best house slippers for the guy who is always complaining that his feet sweat.  These slippers do not have fur, they have leather lining.  They have a similar feel as a Sperry Top-Sider, but there is no rubber bottom.  The leather wears nicely and they are so soft.  The men in my life go through a pair of these each year!

11. Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

I like to think of these as driving gloves.  Leather gloves are great for any man when he needs to get dress up and would wear the coat I am referencing in #19.  Leather gloves are the comfiest gloves once they are broken in because the leather forms to your hands.  I also know these gloves will withstand Chicago winters because they are cashmere lined.  This style is classic and timeless and sure to withstand the test of time.

12. Vintage Leather Weekender Travel Bag

I bought this weekender for my boyfriend two years ago and it has withstood the test of time.  He can pack 4 pairs of pants, two sweatshirts, 4 long sleeves, 5 pairs of socks, and his shower bag in this weekender.  After all of that, there is still more room!

13. Tile Mate Key Finder

Do you have a man in your life that loses his keys, wallet, phone, and just about every other valuable thing regularly? This will change their life. I buy these for everyone.  You attach it to your key ring, or stick it in your wallet, and can check the location of the item from an app on your phone.  It has found my wallet for me a couple times. Oops.  This can also be a great stocking stuffer for the whole family!

14. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Estate-Rib Mock-Neck Pullover

This is a classic that I buy for my Boyfriend and Dad almost every birthday and Christmas.  I do buy them one size up because the sweaters are slimmer and shorter through the waist.  It looks great with a button-up shirt, like the one I mentioned in #18.  You can see in the graphic all of the colors that this sweater is available in!

15. Rustic Leather Catchall

The name says it all.  This sits on men’s dressers so they can empty their pockets at the end of the night and it will catch it all.  It is made of leather so you never had to worry about it breaking.  It can handle keys, change, toothpicks and so much more.  I think the men in my life would lose their pocket belongings more often if it weren’t for this tray.  It comes in three different sizes too.

16. Cross Roots Ion Metal Barrel Gel Ink Rollerball Pen

This is my Grandpa’s favorite gift of all time.  This pen is only about 4 inches long so it fits perfectly in a pocket.  The point is also hidden and there is no need to worry about a cap.  The quality of the ink and how it glides on the paper is worth every bit of the price.  He pulls this pen out at parties to show everyone how cool it is. *facepalm emoji*

17. Men’s Bean Boots by L.L.Bean®, 6″

The greatest boot of all time. Do I need to say more? Fine. I will convince you. They are leather on top so they are comfortable around the ankle.  They are rubber on the bottom so they are waterproof.  I bought the 6″ for my boyfriend because he can cuff his jeans or khakis once and it perfects the look.  These boots are great for everyday wear in the winter for boyfriends, siblings, or even dads!  They run true to size.  You would style these with khakis or jeans, a flannel button-up shirt, and a vest.

18. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Classic Fit Plaid Cotton Shirt

I swear this is the style shirt that works for all men. My boyfriend, Dad, and Grandpa’s all wear this shirt.  They are all different shapes and builds and it still looks nice.  I think these shirts are adorable for the holiday season and look great when they are layered under the item I shared in #14.  They do run true to size.

19. Calvin Klein Men’s Car Coat

I already purchased this and I am not sure how much longer it will be on sale so act fast!  I saved more on this coat than I spent.  This coat is great for any guy to wear to dinners, church, or any dressier event when it gets chilly.  I used the True Fit Size calculator on the website to figure out the best size to buy.  It seems like it is running true to size.

20. Cole Haan Men’s Pinch Friday Contemporary Loafers Men’s Shoes

Loafers are a go-to comfortable dress shoe for men.  My boyfriend does not find very many shoes comfortable, but he LOVES these.  They look share with khaki pants or even khaki shorts in the summer.  They can wear these no-show socks with them too.  The shoes run true to size.

21. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Belt

You can never go wrong with gifting a belt.  This belt is the perfect belt for everyday wear.  My Dad has this belt and it has worn nicely.  The best part, it is reversible so you get two for one practically!  This also comes with silver hardware if you prefer.

22. YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid

Almost everyone in my family received one of these tumblers last year.  We use them for coffee and water.  If you love ice water, it will keep ice in your cup ALL DAY.

23. Harry’s Winter Winston Deluxe Gift Set

Men are raving about the Harry’s products!  I can’t get over the prices and this gift set is way too easy to purchase.  You can’t tell me all of the men in your life don’t need a new razor.

24. Jack Black Fresh Man Set

I have read great reviews about the Jack Black products.  I love this set because of the value.  He can try a couple of different products to see what he likes and then can buy the full size later.  This set includes two cleansers and a moisturizer.  I will be buying this set for my boyfriend. Shh- don’t tell him.

25. Cathy’s Concepts Monogram Flask Set

Flask sets are easy gifts for guys that you know they will love.  My boyfriend has a few of these and he loves all of them!  This set is great for a boyfriend or brother.

26. The North Face Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves

I can’t live without tech gloves and my boyfriend is asking for a pair this year too.  I think this pair from The North Face looks really nice and they are a great price.

27. Small Whiskey Rocks, Set of 12

This is another great gift for someone who enjoys spirits.  You keep these rocks in the freezer and place them in a drink.  These will cool the drink and help it stay cold.  These are a great stocking stuffer gift or a gift that works for men at any age.

28. Minnetonka ‘Casey’ Slipper

This is the thinnest and lightest slipper out of the four I have in this gift guide.  I have worn Minnetonka shoe’s before and I really like their quality, but have always appreciated their lightness.  This is why I think they would make a great economical slipper for any man!

29. Hydro Flask 12-Ounce Coffee Mug

If you aren’t familiar with Hydro Flask, this is a great brand for insulated drinkware. (Usually a little cheaper than Yeti, but still great quality.) The 12-Ounce Coffee Mug is perfect for bringing a cup of coffee with you to work, while camping or fishing, or while sitting around a fire on a cooler summer night.  This mug also comes in grey, red, navy, and I think black!  If the men in your life enjoy hot cups of coffee, they will love this gift.

(Yes, I accidentally skipped 30 and I had already gotten this far… please forgive me)

31. Men’s Shop Poplin Lounge Pants

I think cotton pajama pants are the nicest to sleep in.  They have a decent amount of stretch and are not too hot.  These pants are under $50 and can be paired with a cotton tee to make a great pajama set.  Pajama’s are something men never buy for themselves, so do them a favor and buy them these!

32. Tech2 Dapper Bluetooth® Speaker

I will be honest, I have not heard the sound quality of this speaker, but I think it is absolutely perfect for a guy! I think it has this manly, sleek look to it that would make it a great gift for men.  My Dad does not go anywhere without his Bluetooth® speaker.  He loves having it available.  I think this speaker would look great on a dresser, a bedside table, or even on a desk.

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Woo! We made it to the end of the first gift guide.  Comment below what your favorite item is from the gift guide and what you are purchasing.

I can’t wait to continue making these throughout the next coming weeks.  I hope it was easy to shop and extremely helpful.  As always, your support in reading and purchasing through my links are always appreciated.

Talk soon.

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  • Julie Wagner

    November 13, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    I love the Apple Ear Pods…those will make a great gift. And the surprise item is that cute bullet pen! Love the idea of a pen that is able to be easily kept in the pocket, guys will love that.

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