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How To Wear A Poncho 8 Ways

December 29, 2018

Wearing ponchos are a fall staple, but I have so many ways that you can wear this specific poncho for fun unique events, like New Years!  I feel like a poncho can sometimes seem boring, or like it will always look the same, but Edie Boutique provided some awesome inspiration on how to wear a poncho 8 ways.

Edie Boutique

I mentioned and explained Edie Boutique in this post, but in case you missed it, it is a small family-run boutique based in the Chicago-land area.  I am so excited to be partnering with them today to show you how to wear a poncho 8 ways!

How To Wear A Poncho

Since a poncho is such a unique fashion item, you have to know how to style it appropriately and for which events it can work.  I think people always think of a poncho as an item for older women or something to just wear with jeans, but I know this poncho from Edie Boutique can be worn for many other occasions.  Let me fully explain what a poncho is and how to style it, in case there is any confusion.

What Is A Poncho?

A poncho is any top that has a hole in the middle, slides over your head, and drapes over your arms.  Sometimes a poncho can have a small connection in the sleeve to provide more shape.  More often than not, it is a circle piece of material with a hole in the middle.

Poncho Styles

Like I mentioned above, some ponchos will have a small sleeve on them.  The most common one does not.  You can also find ponchos with a high-low effect on them, where it is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Also, I like the idea of a poncho that as a turtleneck for winter.  I love this one from Edie Boutique.

8 Different Ways To Wear A Poncho

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways

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The Signature/Traditional Look

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-2

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This is the way you would most likely wear this poncho.  There is one side that is a little longer than the other.  I styled it with jeans and a black turtleneck so you could focus purely on the different ways that I am showing this one poncho.  You can see I cowled the neck a little bit too.

This traditional look would be great for a Fall day running an errand, or you can wear this as a light jacket to a party if you are wearing spaghetti straps or a strapless blouse.

The Cowl Neck

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-3How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-4

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This look is great for a dressier night.  I love the cowl neck and the elegance it provides to an outfit.  This time of year, you could wear ponchos with a dress if you decided to wear it this way.  The color options are endless too.  I think the black and white ponchos for this time of year for a dressier look.

The V-Neck or Poncho Cape

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-5

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This v-neck way would look awesome with a white blouse and a collar popper out from under it.  I would throw on a pair of jeans and tall boots and this look is perfect for this time of year.

You can also throw on a chunky statement necklace and dress up this look for New Years.

The Reverse V

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-6How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-7

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You can see that this way gives you a sleek look.  Don’t forget to throw your hair up in a hair bun, wear a dress, and you have a classy and elegant look for a night out!

The Grecian

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-9

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The Grecian is not how I would wear this all the time, but if you were going to a gala where you had a one-shoulder dress on, or even strapless, this would be a great sweater option for that!  I would recommend wearing this style in the Spring or Summer.

The One-Shoulder

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-10

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Also, I would recommend this look in the Spring or Summer.  I love how the drape falls over your one arm.  I would love this for a night out!

The Scarf

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-11

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This is so cute! Have I convinced you on how versatile this poncho can be?  Even when you are running out the door, you can grab your poncho and throw it on as a scarf.

Honestly, I also love this option for shopping! I always get hot when I am shopping, so instead of taking your poncho off and carrying it, throw it on as a scarf!

The Halter

How to Wear A Poncho 8 Ways-12

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Now, I would not wear this poncho like this, but I wanted to show you that it is an option.  If you are looking for a more “showy” top to wear out, this works for you!  The lower cut V can be very flattering, but just know that it is tied in the back so you can not wear undergarments.

Also- you wouldn’t wear the black turtleneck! You would wear this just as the halter top.  Great option for a fun New Years look or for a summer night out too.

Poncho Styling Tips

Throw on Jeans

You can make your poncho look casual with a pair of skinny jeans!  Don’t forget, skinny jeans are a classic staple this time of year, so throw on the traditional poncho and you will be looking timeless all season.

Wear Over A Dress

Ponchos make a great coat for a night out that you can keep on all night.  You can wear ponchos over a dress in the Fall and Winter.  You can wear the traditional poncho, the poncho shawl, or the poncho cape over a dress.

Where To Shop A Poncho 8 Ways

You can buy this poncho from Edie Boutique!  You can purchase online, and they usually will get things in the mail the day that you order. Also, you can stop into any of their 8 locations.  They have stores in Glen Elynn, Naperville, Valparaiso, Park Ridge, LibertyvilleMilwaukee, and Lake Geneva.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it opened your mind to all of the different ways that you can style a poncho!

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Thank you to Edie Boutique for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own but thank you for supporting the posts like this that help me run Classically Clad full time.

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