All the Spring Shoes You Need

April 8, 2019

“Can I wear open toe shoes yet?”

“What shoes do I wear with dresses?”

“What shoe can I wear to a more formal event?”

“Do these shoes look dumb? They look wintery, don’t they?”

These are all the questions I get from friends over FaceTime, in text messages, from my Mom, and basically anyone else you can think of.   I figured it was probably a good idea to round up some of my favorite shoes that work for spring.

Picking out shoes is not always the easiest thing.  You think that it doesn’t matter, and yet, it can take an adorable Spring look and make it look like an awkward Fall look during the wrong time of year.  A shoe will tie your whole look together if you pick the right one.

Since I know its’ not easy, I thought I should help out.  That’s what I am here for, right?

The Ground Rules for Spring Shoes

1. Open toe shoes can be worn if it is 6o+ outside.

I am such a crazy lady when it comes to showing my toes if it is not the appropriate time.  I am a firm believer of no open toes unless it is over 60 degrees, or at least way into April.  The weather is usually rainy and chilly in the Midwest anytime before this and your toes should still be tucked away.

2. Wedges should be worn with dresses, but should be closed toe.

If you are wearing a cute sun dress, I wouldn’t go with a sandal, I would wear a wedge that has a close toe.  This wedge should be lighter color, and maybe incorporate some linen.  The rule of thumb if you are going with a wedge or bootie: light colors!  No more black or grey leather and suede in Spring.

3. A leisure gym shoe or casual flat are your best friends in Spring.

Since it is still chilly in Chicago’s Spring, a cute gym shoe or flat will still look adorable with your jeans and leggings.  There is no need to still wear boots, booties, or chukkas.  You can shoe your ankle with a cuff in your jean or a 3/4 length legging.  I will show you some of my favorite flats and gym shoes later in this post.

Open Toe Spring Shoes

Here is the pair that I am wearing, but in a different color.  The brown is sold out.  Sorry!  Here is the designer version of them, which has a little short heel.  The designer and the cheaper version are both extremely comfortable.  If you want to wear them to work or plan on getting a lot of use out of this shoe, I would splurge on the designer shoe.

Here are some of my other favorites.

You can shop the shoes that are pictured below.  There are a couple extra!

Wedges for Spring

I can’t get enough of wedges.  I love them in the Spring and Summer!  I think they are so flattering and spice up any outfit.  Here are all of my favorite Spring wedges from this year.

You can shop all my favorite wedges here.  I have more linked than what is pictured!

Flats for Spring

This is a more expensive flat, but they are undoubtably the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  They are light, breathable, and machine-wash friendly!  If you are a commuter, on your feet a lot, or love light weight shoes, this shoe is PERFECT for you.  I promise, you won’t regret investing.  If you want a fancier look for the office, it comes in a pointed toe version too, right here.

Here are my other favorite flats for Spring.

I linked all of my favorite flats here.  These are great options when it is chilly or for work.

Sneakers for Spring

The classic Converse.  You had to of guessed that these would show up in my Spring shoes post.  They are class, timeless, and look adorable with jeans or sun dresses.  I am wearing the “Shoreline” style because they cut lower on the bridge of your foot.  I believe it makes your foot look slimmer and smaller than the classic Chuck Taylor’s.

Here are all the cutest Spring sneakers.

I love wearing sneakers with jeans that have a cuff at the bottom.  Sneakers are great for chilly days or a casual day running errands.  You can shop them through the images below.

I hope this post provides you with some Spring shoe inspiration.  I know it can be hard because the weather can range from 40s to 70s in the Midwest.  Just remember to error on the side of closed toe shoes if it is going to be chilly.  If you ever have any style questions about what would work and what doesn’t send me a direct message on my Instagram or comment below.

Talk soon!


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