Nordstrom Spring Sale 2019

April 12, 2019

The Nordstrom Spring sale started and it is the best time to grab some things for next Fall and the warm weather that is coming up now!  I know you were hoping for this yesterday, but these do take me longer to make than normal blog posts.  There is a great mix of outerwear, lounge wear, shoes, and more!

If you are hoping to shop any of the items, you can click directly on the image.  Once you click on the pictured item, it will redirect to the product’s landing page on Nordstrom. I do make a very small commission when you shop through these links. 🙂

I hope this is an easy way for you to shop the sale.  I spent my time making sure I picked a range of products that I really loved.  I think I am going to be hitting purchase on a few too.

Almost, everything I shared is under $100.  There may be a few things that are over, but they aren’t over by much.  Happy shopping!



Lounge Wear





I hope you were able to find a few pieces that you loved.  I know I did.  Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend everyone.  Don’t forget that I also wrote this blog post that is about the Beautycounter sale, which lasts until the 15th.




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