Sephora Spring Sale 2020

April 19, 2020

My love for Sephora runs deep. I have always shopped at Sephora because I have found their staff so helpful, the options are endless, and it truly is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. Then, they came out with their Clean at Sephora a few years a go! It has been such a nice resource to have during my switch to clean journey.

Every year, they have a spring sale for their Beauty Insiders! Today, I am rounding up my favorite picks from Sephora and the items I am hoping to try.

Here is How the Sephora Spring Sale Works

You just need a Beauty Insider account to start shopping. Don’t have one? Don’t worry! You can sign up now to start earning points and the sale will be open to you on April 23rd.  Add items to your cart now, and then you can check out with your 10% off discount on 4/23.

If you already have a Beauty Insider account, here is the break down!

ROUGE: 20% off (4/17-5/1)

VIB: 15% off (4/21-4/29)

INSIDER: 10% off (4/23-4/27)

If you aren’t sure what level you are, just log into your account on  Your status will be listed in the right hand corner.

To receive your discount, you need to enter the code SPRINGSAVE at checkout to see your discount applied.

My Must Buy Clean at Sephora Picks

Clean at Sephora Picks

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

I have been using these tanning drops on and off for about 6 months. I do really like them.  They are much more convenient than a tanning mousse for a number of reasons.  However, I am only using them on my face. First, you can just mix them with your moisturizer, which you are putting on every day anyways.  Second, there is no setting time or drying time.  Third, you don’t have to rinse it off! This is my biggest thing.  I hate the feeling like you have to get into the shower after a spray tan.  My only down fall with them is that there is no guide color since you are mixing the drops with your moisturizer. I find myself missing spots something. It will just take practice to get better!

ILIA Limitless Mascara

If you are looking for a clean mascara, this mascara is my number one suggestion! It doesn’t have to be warmed like other clean mascaras, which isn’t a huge deal, but kinda nice.  It also has a great brush. The brush is a hard bristle brush, but it has one side with long bristles, and another side with short. This is a big deal because I can easily do my top and bottom lashes with one mascara without making a mess on my eye.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I have an obsession with this mist! It is a toner and brightening serum in one, pretty much.  It is good for all skin types too! I give my skin a light mist after I wash my face. I love to keep it in the refrigerator too because then it really awakens you in the morning! It works towards pores, skin’s dullness, and any dryness you might have.  You can also use it as a makeup setting spray if you wanted too!

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I love this mask for clearing out my pores! I never have that super tight feeling after, which is nice because I know it’s not over drying me. It has no parabens or sulfates, so you know you are in the clear with this one. It is great for all skin types, but especially if you are trying to fight some oil away!.

First Aid Beauty Coconut Primer

If you don’t use a primer before doing your makeup for a big night out, you should start! It makes a huge difference in the way your foundation lays on your face.  I hate when makeup collects into pores or pulls poorly on my skin, this primer has been a great solution.  Plus, it smells like coconut! A little bit does go a long way.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm

This is my favorite cleansing balm to travel with. It is a mini jar and extremely easy to get out of the jar.  It isn’t as thick as my Beautycounter one, but it gets the job done.  It is very gentle and does a pretty good job at getting my make up off.  This cleansing balm is also more budget friendly!

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

If you are looking to depuff and brighten your under eyes for a great price, this is your eye cream.  When I put it on, it instantly feels cool, so I know it is working to depuff.  It is light and the smallest amount goes a long way. I will apply it with my ring fingers by lighting tapping around my under eye.

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette 

Tarte has some great clean eye shadow palettes! I like the size of this one. It doesn’t seem overwhelming. I also love the cool tones that are in the browns.  Many clean eyeshadows that are brown, usually have an orange hew to them, and I don’t love that around my eyes since my eyes are hazel.  The cooler tones make my eyes pop much more!

Bite Lip Stick

I have been using Bite lipstick for YEARS. I always get complimented when I wear them too because the pigments in their lipsticks are so strong.  I love these lip sticks because they are thin, making it easy to get a smooth line on your lip.

Herbivore Rose Lip Polish

This has been the newest piece to my collection of clean products.  It is a lip scrub that I really liked through the winter.  It does smell like rose and you only need a little bit.  You can massage it into your lips, then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth. I felt like I noticed my lips being smoother after one use.

Origins Ginger Souffle Body Cream

I love the smell of ginger and I know many other people who rave about this body cream too!  It really is like a souffle.  I know not everyone loves ginger, so this one might not be for everyone, but it stays on my list of favorites!

My Must Buy Items

Must Buy Sephora

Keep in mind as you shop this list, these items are not considered clean if they are a cosmetic.

Anastasia Brow Wiz

This was the first brown pencil I ever used and I am so lucky I started here.  This brow pencil is a best seller for a reason!  It has such a thin tip, which makes your strokes look extremely natural and hair-like.  The other end has a spoolie so you can brush out your brow, shape it, and blend the color in.  It is not a clean product, but I have yet to find a clean product that can live up to this one.

Anastasia Eyebrow Duo Pot

If you aren’t a huge brow pencil girl and you would rather fill with a brush, this is the BEST pot ever.  I love the duo color.  The reason this is important is because you want the color in your brow to be lighter in front, then get darker as you move towards the end of the brow.  This pot masters that look for you.

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette

I have had my eye on this eyeshadow palette for the longest time. I am obsessed with the cool undertones in it.  I also love that not every color is sparkle.  I like sparkle at night, but during the day, I love a matte look.  This palette will give you every shade of matte that you would ever need.  Want some sparkle?  You can grab the sister palette here!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish

If you love light coverage, this is the product for you.  It is technically a setting powder, but I would use it as a light foundation too.  If you have a CC cream, you will put that on, then set it with this!  You will instantly have a beautiful, sheer, matte look to your foundation!  I do go through it quickly, just as an fyi.  I apply it with a big, loose brush.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

There is no setting powder that can compare to this one.  I have even tried multiple other brands and I am just not sold. This powder is truly translucent, other brands are not.  You put it on and it melts into your foundations and concealers to give them a finished look.  It helps my make up stay all day long.  I have a deep love for this stuff.

itCosmetics CC Cream

This is another product I have used for years.  It is medium coverage and a little bit does go a long way.  I can get long wear out of it, but I do like to wear a setting powder over it.  Sometimes I think it looks too dewy when I wear it alone.  It totally cuts out all the redness in my skin though.

House of Lashes Eyelash Glue

Eye lash glue is a hit or miss and it truly makes a difference in how long your lashes will last.  I have never found a glue that works as well as this one.  The thin brush allows you to easily get the glue right where you need it, without putting globs on.  It also goes on iridescent, you let it sit, and when it starts to turn clear on the lash, that is when you know the glue is ready!  You can then apply the lashes to your lid.  I keep multiple of these on hand.

St. Tropez Express Self Tanner

I have been a St. Tropez loyalist for years.  I love the guide that is in the mousse.  When you apply it with a mitt, you can see exactly where you brushed the tan on and where you missed.  This bottle specifically is my favorite because you don’t have to sleep in it.  It can set in 3 hours.  You can use this the morning of an event.  There is no orange hew to it and instructions come with to help you achieve the perfect tan.

Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray

I have found clean setting sprays that work, but this one might perform just a hair better than those.  I hold it far away from my face, give a spray in the formation of a cross on my face and I am all set.  You want to be sure to hold it far away so you aren’t soaked.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mini Duo

This is a wildly popular lip duo.  It is a beautiful nude that lasts all day because of the lip liner.  I have used it for a number of years and I do love how creamy it goes on. I don’t wear it as often anymore because isn’t considered clean, but I also have not found a clean version that is remotely close to this color.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This is the bronzer of all bronzers!  I love to use a loose brush, not the brush that is provided.  You can use the brush that comes with if you are looking to do some heavy contouring.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

If you are looking for volume and oil absorbance, grab multiple cans of this stuff.  I have found that it works best when you hold it at least 12 inches away from your hair and you you need to give the bottle a good shake.  Spray your hair, let it sit for 5ish minutes, then tousle your hair.  You turn your oily second day hair into a fresh blow out.

t3 Micro Whirl Trio

I know this wand is an investment, but I have never had someone invest and tell me they regretted it.  It is the best hair tool I have ever used.  I love the flexibility with being able to change out the barrels.  It has great heat control.  It heats and cools quickly.  It is light weight.  I have also noticed my hair curls much faster with this tool.  I have nothing bad to say about it.

Slip Silk Hair Ties

These hair ties will help reduce breakage in your hair, plus they are super cute.  They are good for being around the house or running errands.  They do not have enough hold in them to complete a workout.

Beautyblender Sponge

There is nothing like a real Beautyblender. There are plenty of dupes out there and they aren’t worth it.  None of the dupes clean as nicely, absorb water as well, or are sized the same way.  I also love how smushy this sponge is once it gets damp.  Oh, have you used this and not loved it? You probably forget to get it damp before you used it!  You have to use this damp.


In My Cart

In My Sephora Cart

Incase you are wondering while you look through what’s in my cart, everything is “Clean at Sephora”

Olaplex Hair Perfector Mask

Olaplex has great hair products! I have used their shampoo and conditioner before and I have been impressed.  This is a hair mask that is supposed to work on strengthening your hair and getting rid of any split ends.  Since I haven’t been able to get my hair cut now, I thought this product would be perfect to help keep my hair healthy until my next hair cut.

Indie Lee Best Sellers Mini Set

Many of my friends rave about Indie Lee and I really want to try some products.  When I am new to a brand, I love to grab mini best seller sets.  It is a great way to try products at a fair cost.  This set includes a cleanser, a toner, and a facial oil.

LASHFood Lash Enhancer

I have always been intrigued by lash growth products, but I have never used them because I have been a little scared about those ingredients by my eyes.  I am so excited that I found this product because it is considered clean!  I would love to give it a try and show you all my results.

Biossance Squalane Oil

This is another product that my friends rave about!  It is a super moisturizing oil.  I am most excited about it because you can use it on your hair, dry patches on your body, and even in your hair if you wanted. I love a product that I can get multiple uses out of.

Kosas Tinted Lip Oil

I have been intrigued by the Kosas lip products because I love their colors.  I have been more into glosses lately because lip glosses are more moisturizing that lipsticks.  This lip oil is known for pumping hydration, while also leaving a really nice tint.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

I’m sure many of you use this mask and I am just behind on the time.  This is an intensely moisturizing mask that you don’t have to wash off if you don’t want to.  Many women love to travel with it since flying dries out your skin so much.  I am dying to give it a try.

SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen

With summer coming, I need a primer that has SPF in it.  I have heard this one has great reviews.  It is SPF 40 and supposedly goes on really nicely.  I will have to report back once I give it a try.

ILIA Skin Tint SPF 40

I am looking for products with SPF and this is supposed to work well.  It is a liquid foundation with SPF in it.  It looks extremely hydrating, which is hard to find in an SPF foundation.  I would love to see how it works on my skin.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid

I have been obsessed with Beautycounter’s hyaluronic acid all winter.  I am running low on it and have heard that this is another great one. It is receiving a lot of hype on social media and I am thinking about giving it a try once my Beautycounter is totally out.


What are you grabbing from the sale this year?  Are there items you grab ever year?  Comment them below!

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