Cass C Jewels

January 27, 2016

Hey everyone!  Hope you are getting exciting because it is hump day, which means we are almost at the weekend!  I have been waiting to publish this post and I can not wait to share it with all of you.

My friend Cassie just started her own jewelry line called Cass C Jewels.  It has been taking off and I absolutely love all of her pieces because they are super classic and can be worn with about everything.  What a surprise… I am sharing another classic item with you guys! 

As you can see, this emerald X grey wrap is absolutely adorable.  It is comfortable because of the soft wrap on it and I love that because you tie it yourself, you can adjust it to make it as tight or loose as you want.  I styled it for class, which again just shows how comfortable it is if I was able to run around in it all day.

Cass C Jewels has so many cute things on their website to make sure to check it out here.  Once you find something you absolutely love, which I know you will, use the code CLASSICALLYCLAD10 for 10% off!  Happy shopping 🙂

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