Memorable Monday – Valentines Day Editon

February 1, 2016

If you think that your boyfriend is struggling on what to find you something for Valentines Day, then send him on this way!  I have so many ideas in store and I have them all listed below in different price brackets.  It also is so easy for him because everything will be linked below!  So if you want to make sure you get a good gift, then makes sure to bookmark on his phone or laptop!

all photos are via links below for each product

Kate Spade Agenda // Every girl needs an agenda and these Kate Spade ones are absolutely adorable and extremely affordable.  This one is on sale right not and she will love you because you are helping her make sure she stays to that New Years resolution of “staying organized”.

Nordstrom Studded Earrings // Nordstrom has some of the nicest play jewelry.  When I say play jewelry, I mean that it is not actual diamonds or genuine stones.  I have a pair of Nordstrom studs that I wear with everything and they still look beautiful.  I paid a lot more than $25 so these studs are a great steal!

Alex and Ani Bracelet // Now this may be closer to $28 but it is well worth spending $3 over your budget because if she already has an Alex and Ani collection, I am sure she can not wait to add to it and if she has not started one yet, then she is waiting for someone to get her started.  Trust me.  You can not go wrong with an Alex and Ani.

Kendra Scott “Elise” Necklace // This necklace is great and will show your significant other that you put thought into something really pretty.  Kendra Scott is a very reputable jewelry company that has become popular in the last year.  It can go with anything and the red is a great touch to remind them that it was from Valentines Day.

Kate Spade Earrings // Kate Spade is something I mentioned earlier because she has some really great stuff.  These earrings are a part of her Valentines Day line and they are very cute.  They are another signature piece that will remind your significant other that you got her them for Valentines Day.

Customized Necklace with Saying //  This is a very meaningful gift because you can have whatever you would like written on the necklace and she will think it is romantic and caring.  You can find these customizable necklaces all over Etsy but the one I have linked is a great option.

Roses and Dinner // The $100 price mark even gives a lot of wiggle room with dinner and roses because some dozen of roses can be $20 and some can be $40, which means that $60-$80 can be spent on dinner, which can easily be a dinner at a nice Italian resturant.

Spa Day Gift Certificate // What I have linked here is a spa kit for at home but a girl’s favorite thing is a manicure, pedicure, and massage day to herself.  Find a local spa that is relaxing and specializes in massages and get her a gift certificate for all 3 services.  She will love this gift and if you are interested even, you can do a couples day at the spa, which can be very romantic and relaxing for you also.


Tory Burch Wallet // Any girl that has a good sense of style loves her Tory Burch and Tory Burch’s wallets are extremely nice.  She also has a few cross-body bags that are black and gold and very nice that are in this price range. Go click around on Tory Burch’s site but this wallet is a great option and is a very classic piece since it is black and gold.

Michael Kors Bracelet //  This Michael Kors bracelet is absolutely beautiful.  I personally chose the gold because I wear more gold jewelry but it also comes in silver, which is great because some girls wear more silver.  It can go with everything and anything and she will get many compliments on it and will love the fact that she can say you got it for her.  For $150 and it is something you will know she will love, I am not sure why you are hesitating to buy this!

Tiffany & Co Ring // You all know that the easiest way to your girl’s heart is by buying her Tiffany & Co.  Do not be intimidated by this if you are looking to spend a little less.  There are so many pieces that range between $125-$200 that are very manageable and that she would love.  You can never go wrong with a necklace but I love this ring so I thought why not choose it as my $200 piece.  The ring is dainty and sleek so it makes it very hard for her to not love.

Hope I was able to give you some great ideas!  As always, thanks for reading along 🙂

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