What’s in My Carry-On

February 3, 2016

I am one lucky girl because I was able to find a great deal on a flight to go visit my Grandparents in Florida this weekend!  I know that spring breaks are right around the corner and many people like to travel during the winter months so why not tell you guys what is it in my carry on!

iPad // One of the greatest things that Apple has ever made, in my mind, because it’s super light and can hold all my music, books, and I can access the internet.  My iPad is a great travel buddy so if you have the opportunity to get one and you are traveling a lot, treat yourself to an iPad.

Empty Camelbak // I am going to repeat myself EMPTY Camelbak.  Do not forget that you can not bring liquids through security, so just leave your camelbak empty and fill it once you are through security.  I also recommend loosening the cap a little bit as you are ascending into the air, just so pressure doesn’t build up.
Gum //  I have been unfortunate many times when I can not get my ears to pop and sometimes it has lasted days for me.  If you’re like me, you have to be proactive about it and chomp on you gum like a crazy person and also take sips of your water to make sure your ears stay clear.   

Headphones // You never know if the person next to you is going to be a snorer and no one wants to listen to that or the crying baby that’s 3 rows back.  Pre-make some really great playlists and plug your headphones in because it will make the time pass quickly.

Mini-brush //  I have thin hair so I always bring a brush with me every where I go but on the airplane it’s great because if you have to get to a meeting or if you have family picking you up that you haven’t seen, its good to make a quick stop in the washroom to make sure you look presentable.  Run the brush through your hair and you won’t even be able to tell that you just lived through the longest plane ride ever.

Chargers // There are ports all over the airports and even in some of the newer airplanes now where you can charge your devices.  Bring you chargers with you because when you are waiting at the terminal you know you are going to be either scrolling on your phone, laptop, or other portable device and the worst thing that could happen is having our entertainment die on you.

Travel Blanket // I can’t fall asleep on a plane unless I have a little blanket with me.  I either use it as a pillow or I will use it to warm up.  Make sure you actually buy a travel blanket though and you don’t bring a big fleece blanket.  Dragging a huge blanket around is not only annoying but you will also look a little weird.

Magazines // I love grabbing magazines while I am on the plane because they are light reads and sometimes it is funny to read all of the gossip in them.  Yes, I know I could read these on my iPad but I am not that techy yet.  I kind of like having an actual magazine in my hands.

Chapstick // This comes with me every where and any where I go.  I always need chapstick.

Passport-identification //  Forgetting your identification when traveling makes it towards the top of the list of “Worst Things to Happen When Traveling”.  I have done it before and it is not fun. You have to go through tones of loops so please do not forget your license and if you are going abroad, your passport.  Leave your identification and your boarding pass in a safe place at all times.  Right when you take them out, put them away in a pocket that zips so that you always know where they are.

The other great thing about all of these things is that they are relatively light.  The worst thing you could do to yourself is put books and huge heavy laptops into your carry-on because it will just make it obnoxiously heavy.  Lugging around a huge carry-on in the airport is the biggest pain.  I usually use my large Longchamp tote or even a backpack as my carry-on.  Whatever fits your personal items and is comfortable to carry around is what you should choose as your bag.  If any of you are traveling soon please let me know!  I would love to hear all about your adventures.

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  • Sydney S

    February 13, 2016 at 1:29 pm

    Chewing gum on an airplane to pop your ears…genius!!
    xo, Syd

  • Classically Clad

    February 22, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Thanks Sydney! I have the hardest time with popped ears so I have to do everything I can to un-pop them

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