My Freshman Dorm

August 15, 2016

Decorating a freshman dorm can be daunting but my roommate and I had so much fun with it!  It is funny to look back at my room and compare it to some of the rooms girls do today.  When I was a freshman, matching and getting everything new was not always the “thing” to do.  Looking back, I am happy I brought along things from my room that I had at home because it made my dorm room feel like home.

I was on top of the loft and it wasn’t nearly as bad as you would of think.  It brought laughter to me and my roommate as I struggled to get up every night.  If you have the opportunity to loft your bed, do it.  It saves you so much room to have space for other important things.  Under the loft is a futon, which was perfect for when friends came to spend the weekend.

The lights that we hung around the room gave the room a warm feel at night along with candles.  We picked some of our favorite scents to relax us at night.  College can get stressful so having things that remind you of home and help you relax are important.

The shopping that I did do was at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.  They have all the necessities that you could ever need.  You also are bound to forget something.  Just accept it.  Once you get to school and get settled in you can take another trip for things that you realized you need.

Good luck with moving in this week and next!  Tag @classicallyclad in your instagrams and tweets of your college dorm rooms!  I would love to see them.

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