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Work Wear Wardrobe #1

October 31, 2018

The transition from college to having to get dressed for work every day is not an easy task!  I want to help you pull together outfits that are easy, comfy, and appropriate for work. Oh, and classy and timeless, of course!

Three Looks

I decided it would be helpful to pull together three different outfits that are all different levels of appropriateness.  This way, there is something for everyone.  I know that dressing for work is a loose term these days because every office has a different expectation, vibe, and dress code.

The Shoes

I decided to bring the shoes through all three looks.  I don’t know about all of you, but when I buy a pair of shoes, I want to be sure I can wear them multiple ways. Also, I love that these booties can be dressed down or dressed up to look chic.

Work Wear Wardrobe:

The Casual Vibe

The Casual Work Look by Megan

How to Get This Look

If you are working in an office with a casual vibe, you can probably get away with cotton T’s and tanks with jeans at work.  I have posted this Old Navy cardigan so many times, but it is a great staple for work.  It comes in MANY colors and is the coziest.

My favorite tips for a casual vibe office is to make sure your look is polished and not too grungy.  You need to make sure you are pulling yourself together with accessories or an awesome pair of comfortable booties like I show here.  A tote bag is completely appropriate here!

Having your hair and makeup done, more often than not, is also extremely important in a casual vibe office.  This will help show that you care about your job because you put the effort into looking presentable.

If you are looking for a quick way to wand your hair, I posted this video and I wrote a post about the products I use here.  If you want quick makeup tips, that is here.

The Everyday Modest Vibe

The Modest Conservative Everyday Work Look

How to Get this Look

The “Everyday Modest Vibe” is where the expectation is that you are in more of a finished look.  You might not have to wear silk blouses, but you should have casual blouses on, like the one I have here.

To accomplish this look always, invest in a couple great cardigans, not thick sweaters like the Casual Look above.  These cardigans should be more fitted and flattering. They need to have shape.  Again, look how I brought this adorable, chic, booty into this look as well.  Booties are great options for the “Everday Modest Vibe” too!  This look can be completed with a nicer purse.  If you want to get a tote, be sure it is more structured.

The Sophisticated Vibe

The Sophisticated Work Look

How to Get This Look

The Sophisticated office look is going to be more blazers, blouses, and pants.  My favorite pants for a dresser office are the Old Navy Pixie pants.  I have them linked in the widget above.

I know a blazer doesn’t sound like the most comfortable thing for work, but we are so lucky that the looser and longer look for a blazer is in style.  A blazer doesn’t have to be annoying!  It can be looser and longer like a sweater or cardigan.

Again- these shoes! I am telling you the Cole Haan booties are a great investment.  I just showed you how to dress them from casual to sophisticated.  You can carry a designer backpack, like the one I have on here, or a nice structured tote with the sophisticated work look too.

Makeup & Hair

I mentioned all of this in the Casual Look, but if you are looking for a quick way to wand your hair, I posted this video and I wrote a post about the products I use here.  If you want quick makeup tips, that is here.

I hope this post was helpful! I know so man of you have been struggling with how to dress for work.  Please DM me on Instagram or leave a comment with your feedback.  I can only continue to improve Classically Clad if I hear what you are enjoying or not enjoying.

Talk soon!

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P.S. Speaking of feedback, did you take a quick 5 minutes and complete my reader survey!? If not, please do!

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