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Amazon Fashion Review: Tips, Ideas, and Troubleshooting for the Best Purchases

October 25, 2018

This has been a long time in the making.  I wanted to make sure that I dug deep into Amazon Fashion so I could give my honest review.

Initial Reactions

I was skeptical and I know all of these bloggers are talking about Amazon Fashion and how they purchased a dress for work for $17.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and think “there is no way that is nice quality.”

Also, I just graduated from college and spending all this money, just to try the quality, did not seem worth it to me either.  However, if you have a Prime account, Amazon launched their Prime Wardrobe.

What is Prime Wardrobe?

If you pay the yearly subscription to Amazon to have Prime member benefits, you are eligible to order select items from Amazon, that can be sent in your Prime Wardrobe box.  This way, you can try items on for 7 days and decide if you want them before having to pay for them.

My 4 Tips to Help Achieve a High-Quality Purchase

  1. It is best to know what category of fashion you are looking to purchase. Example: Women’s Casual Tops or Men’s Winter Outerwear
  2. In the sidebar, narrow your search results to be 4 stars and above.
  3. Try to purchase items that have 15+ reviews AT LEAST.
  4. In the sidebar, consider switching your search results to be “Top Brands”.  This will show name brands that are being sold on Amazon and then if you choose “Our Brands” this will narrow the results to Amazon exclusive brands.

Before trying these tips, I received items that I did not like.  What I received before this method was either the wrong color than what was pictured, a completely different fit, or the sizing was bizarre.

After Using this 4 Tip Method, Here is What I Loved from Amazon Fashion

You can shop each item by clicking the title hyperlink under each image.

Amazon Fashion Review_1

Jacket | Top | Leggings | Shoes | Necklace

  1. The jacket is under $50 and is definitely something I am going to keep.

    I think the quality is great and it will look great styled with a casual outfit, like you see here, or even with jeans.  You can’t see in this picture, but there is also cute gathering in the back to give the jacket a nice shape.  This item is running true to size!

  2. This top is AMAZING.

    Considering it is in a pack of 2 for $18…I love the camo and I am so impressed by the quality.  The shirt runs true to size, is the softest material, and is thick so you don’t have to worry about the top being see through.

  3. The leggings are comfortable and provide great structure.

    The waistband is tighter on them, but they did not pass the bending-over-test.  When I bent over, you could see through them.  However, they run on the smaller size and I think if you sized up, this would stop them from being see through.  Considering they are under $30, it is worth trying them in one size up!

  4. These shoes might be my favorite from the entire order.

    They are dupes of these Sam Edelmans that I own.  If you ask me, this shoe is better than the designer.  They are way more comfortable and are a much lighter shoe.  I had no intention of keeping these.  I just thought it would be great to show you all the dupe of the Sam Edelmans, but I can’t send them back.  You may think you don’t know how to style them, however, I just showed you two easy ways to wear these and I can think of many more ways.  They do run true to size.

Amazon Fashion Review_2

Scarf | Top | Shoes | Purse| Necklace | NOT AMAZON: Sweater, Jeans, Earrings

  1. I talked about this scarf on my IG stories already.

    Honestly, I can not recommend it enough. It comes in so many colors and I am wearing the Orange plaid here.  The scarf is a thicker material and super soft.  I am very pleased with the quality and oh, did I mention it is under $12!?  I highly suggest buying a few.

  2. This is the second top that came in the pack of two that I mentioned above.

    For product info, read the top description from above.

  3. These are also the same shoes as above, styled a completely different way that works.

    Read above for product details.

  4. This purse is really cute and is under $25.

    It is pretty much what you would expect of a $25 purse.  Great shape and style, but the material is not the greatest.  If you are looking for a purse to take with you when you go out, this would be a great option for that.

  5. I kinda love this necklace but was frustrated.

    It somehow got tangled in the box.  The finish is great and I can always tell a necklace’s quality by the clasp and it does have a nicer clasp.  I think this necklace can be worn as an everyday necklace and it is under $25!

In Summary

I tried to buy one item from some of the most popular categories; tops, outerwear, shoes, and accessories.  I am pleased with all of the items I received this time around after implementing my 4 tips.  I think that if you refine the search, you will have great luck, no matter the price point.  You can see that I got all of these items under $50 each and I loved almost all of them for that price point.

I hope you enjoyed this review and the tips/troubleshooting way to find the best items on Amazon Fashion.  I would be happy to do more of these posts because it is nice and easy on my wallet.  Let me know in the comments below or on IG what you thought of this post!

Talk soon.

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