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Gift Guide for You & Me

November 18, 2018

Are you struggling to decide what to put on your Christmas list this year? I have come up with the ULTIMATE gift guide for you! Oh, and for me.  This actually is my Christmas list for this year.  Hi Mom, Dad, and anyone else looking to buy me gifts.

First: hit copy and paste on this URL and send it to your friends, family, boyfriends, aunts, uncles, ANYONE who will be buying for you this year. Encourage them to buy you something from this guide. I make a small commission from those purchases and I really appreciate the support.

Okay, done?


Now we can get into the gift guide for you.  This is the perfect gift guide for any girl who is in college or in her 20 somethings.  I hope you all love it.

Clothing Items

I can always appreciate a few nicer sweaters, some new athleisure leggings, and cute pajamas on Christmas.  This about rounds up what I will be asking for when it comes to clothes this year.  My mom usually surprises me with a nicer timeless item too. You know, Moms just know what items are. Maybe I will have my Mom write a post about those!


I struggle with shoes every year when Christmas comes.  I am not sure why, but I am someone who is really hard on their shoes.  I wear the same two or three pairs each season, so by the end of the season, they are beat up and it is time for new shoes.  This year, I could use some heels and some every day closed toe casual sneakers.  Here is a roundup of those items and other shoes that have been my favorite Christmas gifts.


I am struggling in the hangbag department after college. I feel like I always just had one black purse and one brown purse. Well, that is not cutting it anymore. I am realizing that the more I get dressed up for different dinners, events, and work, I need more variety in my handbag selection.  Here are some of my favorites.


My sister and I are big fans of jewelry, fun hair ties, scarfs, and basically every accessory you can think of!  These are gifts that are so easy to grab for someone.  Here are some of the items that I am hoping for.


This is usually a pretty classic category, obviously.  Since it is so cold in the Midwest, we always need hats, gloves, scarfs, and coats.

Beauty Products

You all know that I have been on a huge clean beauty kick. Not everything I love is clean beauty, but these are the beauty products that I would not be mad if I found them under the tree Christmas morning. Looking for safer beauty? You can shop here or here.

Beauty Tools

Now that I am getting ready every day with my hair and makeup, I am realized that I kind of wish I had nicer beauty tools.


From candles, to perfume, to soaps. I love receiving fragrances as gifts on Christmas morning.  These are some of my favorites and then some things that I am hoping to open on Christmas morning.  I advise giving gift receipts with this type of gift and don’t be offended if someone doesn’t like the scent your pick for them. We all have different preferences and that is OKAY. 🙂


You may not know this about me, but I am kind of a techy. I love watching Apple’s keynote videos when they come out and I usually can figure my way around computers pretty well.  Now that you know that, it should be a surprise that I have a few tech items on my Christmas list.

Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with giving someone a gift card! I personally love gift cards around the holidays because then I can have fun picking out things after Christmas.  The options are endless.

I hope you could all find something for yourself.  This gift guide is obviously going to be my personal favorite of the season.  There are more to come for everyone that you will be shopping for.  Don’t forget to share this with everyone since these are the items YOU want.

*Disclaimer* I do not expect all of these gifts by ANY MEANS. These are some of my favorite items that I have received in the past and items I am hoping for this year. This post is to be more beneficial for you than it is for me.

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Talk soon.

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