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Gift Guide for Mom with a Mom’s Seal of Approval.

December 4, 2018

My Mom is one of my favorite and least favorite people to shop for.  I appreciate all that she does for me, so I want to get her the most perfect gifts, but at the same time, it is so hard to find something I know she will LOVE.  Well, I think this year I have compiled a pretty great list of my Mom’s favorite past gifts and things she is asking for this year.  It helps that she helped me with this so you know it is “Mom approved.”

Gift Guide For Mom

For the Home

We always grab a few things for my Mom that would work around the house, but she doesn’t normally want appliances.  If your Mom is okay with appliances, I would recommend a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer or a Dyson Vacuum.  Those are two items my Mom cannot live without.  The images below are other items for the house that my Mom has received or is hoping to get this year.  You can’t go wrong with any of these items.

At the top of her list are ornaments (she loves them from Sur La Table or any of Christopher Radko’s), a snow globe (she is dying for this or this), and new candles (she’s been loving them from here lately)! But you also can’t go wrong with any of the items I used to decorate my house for Christmas!


If shoes are not comfortable, my Mom gets pretty crabby. (Hi, Mom 😟) She is a pro at knowing which shoes are super comfortable and which are not so much.  Here are the shoes she is wishing her and her favorite that she owns.  She is particularly excited about this brand this year.


This is one of the most popular areas that she adds to her wish list.  Accessories are something we all have so much fun with.  Her choices are mature, modern, timeless, and so chic.  If you want to make sure your Mom stays hip with the accessories trend, trust my Mom’s picks!

My Mom is obsessed with oranges so I think these earrings were made specifically for her!


Technology is not my Mom’s strongest suit, but honestly, she does a lot better than many other people.  Technology isn’t the easiest so you can trust that her favorite tech picks are easy for any Mom to use!

She loves having this on the kitchen counter to play music in the morning and to keep track of her grocery list!

Storage Solution

My Mom is someone who loves to have things organized but knows it is not always easy. These items really help her stay organized and efficient.  Some of the items are pricer, but that is because storage pieces like luggage get beat up.  You need to invest in nice items so they withstand the test of time.

This is the luggage set she received last year for Christmas and it is on MAJOR sale.  She claims it is the nicest luggage she has ever owned.


My Mom loves when she receives items that are personal to her too.  We usually grab a piece of jewelry that is unique to her, a photo book, or a handmade ornament.  She loves any custom items from here or here.


Last, but not least, beauty items are a great thing to buy for your Mom.  My Mom is asking for this eye cream since it has an anti-aging and depuffing formula.  This is also her favorite daily moisturizer right now.  Here are some of her other beauty picks for this year.

Be sure to check out my gift guide for men and my ideas for gifts that work for you.  There will be plenty more gift guides to come.  I will be posting the gift guide for the cozy girl on Thursday.

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I hope you loved this gift guide!  Feel free to comment below what your favorite items were.  Talk soon!

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