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Gift Guide for All The Men in Your Life

November 15, 2020

A gift guide for all the men was the most requested gift guide by a long shot. Luckily, I don’t really struggle when it comes to finding gifts for my Dad, Grandpa, or boyfriend. I will included as many ideas as I can here for all of you. I hope you all find something you know you can grab for one of the guys in your life.

The Big Ticket Gifts for Men

bean boot gift for me

6″ Bean Boots

The most classic staple in any man’s wardrobe that will withstand the test of time.

apple watch gift for me

Apple Watch

They will tell you they don’t really want one and then when they finally get an Apple Watch, their life changes. This will sell out quick.

If they already own an Apple Watch, a new watch band is a really great gift for men. Here are some of my favorite watch bands that are all really nice quality.

yeti cooler gift for men

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Whether a guy throws this in his car, has it by his grill, or carries it to the beach, every guy will love a Yeti cooler.

overcoat gift for me

Dressy Overcoat

An overcoat is one of those items in a man’s life that can get completely overlooked. They also tend to hold on to their wool coats and never update them. I love the cut of this one and it will fit men that have more of an athletic build.

theragun gift for me

Theragun Prime

These new percussive therapy devices are all the rage this year. They are supposed to help relieve muscles and tension.

smart mug gift for men

Ember Coffee Mug

This smart mug is great for every single, coffee loving guy in your life. It connects to an app on their phone and will hold the coffee at the desired temperature that they set.

Gifts for Men: Grandpa Specific

slipper gift for men

House Slippers

Grandpa needs slippers with a sole, no ties, and they must be easy to get on and off without bending down. These will be perfect for him.

technology gift for men

Echo Show

This Amazon device is amazing for Grandparents because they can easily use Alexa features for news and music. They can also easily start a video call with the family too.

board game gift for men

Baseball Game

If you have a Grandpa who loves baseball and misses it during quarantine, he will enjoy this fun dice game!

memory gift for men


There is nothing better than being able to pick up a coffee table book and see all of your loved ones.

Gifts for Men: Dad Specific

drinking gift for men

Whiskey and Rum Maker

Let your dad become a distillery worker from home. In just 2 weeks he can enjoy his very own whiskey or rum.

massaging gift for men

Back Massager

Let Dad hold this on his shoulders and he can have endless shoulder massages!

drinking gift for men

Backyard Drink Holder

Let your Dad play bags, relax in his chair, or hang out with friends with convenience. This backyard caddie can hold drinks, snacks, and open his beverage.

leather gift for men

Leather Briefcase

Could Dad’s briefcase use an update? This beautiful leather briefcase is updated, but also classic.

Here is just a collection of other classic go to gifts for Dad that I have done multiple times throughout the years.

Gifts for Men: Boyfriend or Husband Specific

technology gift for men

Sound Canceling Headphones

These over the ear headphones are comfortable, have amazing sound quality, and are a great gift if you guys love to travel.

skincare gift for men

Counterman Collection

Treat your man to upgraded, safer, and high performing skincare. The men in my life love these!

gaming gift for men

Leather Poker Set

Help your significant other feel a step above when he has the boys over.

athletic gift for men

Cloud Running Shoes

Give him the “it” gym shoe of 2020. These gym shoes are receiving crazy reviews for comfort.

leather gift for men.
technology gift for men.

Tile Leather Wallet

Is he ALWAYS loosing his wallet? Gift him this so he never loses his wallet again.

Here are other classic gift ideas that I have given in years in the past.

Gifts for Men Under $50

drinking gift for men

Insulated Drink Tube

Headed for a quick beach trip or over to the neighbors? Grab this insulated drink tube to carry a few of your favorites.

classic gift for men

Monogrammed Handkerchief Set

Whenever there is a wedding, funeral, or other formal party, it is always nice for the men in your life to carry a handkerchief on them. No more pilling tissue in your future with these.

*Order early for monogramming*

technology gift for men

All-in-One Charger

This charger is amazing because you don’t need to use your cords. It has one plug only. It also has space for an iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil.

gaming gift for men

Tee Toss Game

Keep the men occupied for hours as they try to land the golf ball on the tee every time. It is harder than it looks!

Stocking Stuffers for Men

accessory gift for men

Carhartt Hat

drinking gift for men

Yeti Can Holder

Every guy needs one of these to keep his pop or beer cold.

athletic gift for men

Fitness Dice

Help the guys spice up their workout with these fun dice. Adorable for the stockings.

work from home gift for men

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Let’s face it, with the amount of time we are all looking at screens now, these are a must!

covid gift for men

Face Mask

Nordstrom has released a lot of trendy looking face masks this holiday season. I love this one for the guys.

I hope you were able to find something for your grandpa, dad, brother, or significant other! If you didn’t, you can also check out my gift guide from last year.

Which gift idea is your favorite? Did you decide to get something? Comment below! I love to hear from all of you.


  • Catherine

    November 19, 2020 at 11:00 pm

    This gift guide is awesome! Thank you Megan!

    1. classicallyclad

      November 20, 2020 at 11:00 am

      I am so glad you like it ❤️❤️ thanks for following a long and reading my blog!

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