Gift Guide for Him | 2019

December 17, 2019

Every gift guide this year is shoppable in many ways. You can click any image to shop it directly. You can click the titles under the image to shop. You can read the details about each item and click a link there! Read the post to hear about my picks for this year’s gift guide for him.

Polo Ralph Lauren Quarter Zip // Apple Watch // Brooks Brothers Trousers // Wireless Charging Pad // Counterman Set // Leather Gloves // Whiskey Rocks // Sorel Dress Shoes // Metal Wallet // Whiskey Glasses with Cigar Holder

If you are looking for more information, I am giving the details about each item below.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Quarter Zip: These are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It can be worn with jeans and a white tee or he can throw on chinos and an oxford to wear it out to dinner. Any guy loves a staple they can dress up and down. It makes their life easy!


2. Apple Watch: My boyfriend received the Apple Watch this year and he can’t imagine life without it now. He never misses an email, or a call from me 🙂 He also loves to track his activity with it!


3. Brooks Brothers Wool Trousers: If a man in your life need a beautiful pair of dress pants, here they are! Brooks Brothers will custom tailor them too. This way they are hemmed perfectly to the length of needing.


4. Wireless Charging Pad: I think this looks sleek and modern. It would work perfect on a bedside table or a desk.  It doesn’t look like a charger, which is why I like it so much.


5. Counterman Set: Give the gift of clean this year! Men deserve safer products and ingredients too. My boyfriend loves the after shave and the body bar! You receive over $200 worth of product for $180.


6. Leather Gloves: Every guy need a nice pair of leather gloves. I love these and they are tech friendly!


7. Whiskey Rocks: I love to gift these to men. I feel like they never think to buy them for themselves. They could make a great stocking stuffer.


8. Sorel Dress Boots: I love the way these look. I think they cute, but practical.  They are waterproof and will be warm. However, you can wear them with jeans or a chino and they will look like a nicer shoe, instead of a clunky boot.


9. Metal Wallet: My boyfriend just bought this. He loves it. It keeps his cards protected and keeps the cards from bending.  It is also very sleek, so it doesn’t create a large bump in his pocket.


10. Whiskey Glasses with Cigar Holder: I have no idea if these actually work, but I feel like it is nifty and a really fun gift!


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