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Beautycounter Consultant Opportunity FAQ

November 22, 2020

Now that I have been a Beautycounter consultant for a couple of years, I have noticed that I receive the same questions pretty often. It is probably easiest if I have a centralized place where everyone can go to read and get answers without feeling any pressure.

Why did you join Beautycounter?

I started to learn about clean beauty in October of 2018. I was reading the French Beauty Solution and was shocked at what I was learning. I was also noticing the uptick in traction Clean at Sephora was gaining.

I always considered myself a beauty enthusiast, so I was shocked to learn how much I didn’t know about the industry. I instantly thought to myself in that moment, “If I don’t even know or understand why clean beauty is around and important, imagine how many friends and family members have no idea too.”

I instantly joined to become a consultant because I knew I wanted to share with everyone why clean matters. (See more on that here) My passion perfectly lined up with Beautycounter’s mentality of mission and advocacy first, then high performing products second.

What is the start up cost?

Your enrollment cost is the only required start up cost of $98 (only $20.20 11/20-11/22). This pays for your personal website, your backend training solutions, your personal analytics dashboard that help you run your business, and access to your consultant discount.

When you enroll, you do have the option to purchase products through a starter kit, which are collections of products that are heavily discounted. However, this is not required. It can be helpful when you launch though if you do not have any or many Beautycounter products.

Are there monthly fees?

Short answer: No. You have no monthly fees or required orders each month.

Fully transparent answer: You have one cost each year that is $50. This is due on the yearly anniversary of joining as a Beautycounter Consultant just as a renewal cost for your website, trainings, and analytics backend.

Are there monthly requirements?

Short answer: no!

Fully transparent answer: You have one requirement. Every 6 months, you have to get $1,200 in Qualifying Volume. What is Qualifying Volume? This is the amount you sell + the amount you purchase. This is a very achievable requirement. Beautycounter only has it in place because otherwise everyone would just join for the discount šŸ˜‰ Although, some people do that and it’s totally cool!

What is the discount for consultants?

You receive a 25% discount on the whole website, except the pre-discounted bundles! You even receive this discount when new products launch.

Are you required to hold product or purchase product?

No! The products you have are just the products you use or have chosen to purchase. You are NEVER required to purchase anything from Beautycounter.

Do you have to recruit?


I have chosen to recruit because I have realized how truly passionate I am about helping other women build their confidence and a life they never knew was attainable. It fills my cup up so much to see how Beautycounter can help others.

I don’t want to be a sales person, how do you avoid that?

No one wants to be a sales person. You have to be passionate about what you do. You have to offer a helpful solution.

I am confident that I run my business in a way that is genuine and authentic. I know that after doing this for a couple of years that I have the tools to help you do it too.

I feel like I don’t have the time. How much time do you have to commit?

As much time as you want it take!

Some Beautycounter Consultants run their businesses full time and it pays like a full time gig for them. You can spend one hour each week if you choose to too. However, just know that this is not an overnight, get-rich gig.

You have to work to be willing to make good money if that is what you want.

If you just want a hobby, a community of like minded women, and a way to express creativity, then it can be that too!

What happens after I join?

We get to work! I will reach out to you, see what you are hoping this opportunity can do so I know how to best support you, and we move forward together with me supporting you every step of the way!

I have literally no idea where to start as a Beautycounter Consultant, do you help?

Yes! Of course. I help you every step of the way. In your first 4 weeks, we are talking very often. I help give you actionable activities, we have calls, and I send you all the goodies you need. Then, you will have my phone number, email, or Voxer and can reach out to me as often as you need. Don’t worry, I will occasionally check on you too!

You also have access to my whole photo library, social media tips, and tutorials.

Long story short– I am here for you in whatever capacity you need me to be so you are successful.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you have to be successful?

You have to join my team to find out šŸ˜‰ However, I can tell you that I hear time and time again from girls on my team how appreciative they are for my support and that it ends up being much easier and less scary because of my guidance.

How does Beautycounter work for bloggers?

If you are a blogger and considering Beautycounter, here is how to think of it. You can link Beautycounter through your referral platform and make about 10% or you can choose to become a consultant and make 25-35% commission. You are able to pull referral links from the website just like an other referral link you pull!

I am horrible at social media, can I do this?

Yes! Social media is not required for Beautycounter consultants. In fact, I don’t think social media is even the largest income producing activity that I do. Social media is just a nice accessory. If you are interested in getting into social media, I am more than happy to help you get it up and running. I will give you all my tips for editing, creating content, and more!

Okay. I want to do it! I am in. How do I join?

Yay! I am so excited for you to become a Beautycounter Consultant. All you have to do is head to this page, fill out your information, and I will get in contact with you the same day! I can’t wait to share the importance of clean beauty with our communities together.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. You can check out more of my safer beauty blog posts here.

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