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Sephora Beauty Insider Sale | My Top Picks

May 2, 2019

Another sale is here! I only have a few places I buy all my beauty products from.  Sephora, Ulta, and Beautycounter are my go-tos!  If I am being honest, I only buy one thing at Ulta because I am loving Sephora’s clean products and you all know my love for Beautycounter.

Sephora has been the place where I have been buying my cosmetics the longest.  I joined their free rewards program when I was in high school.  I have gained so many points through their program, which allows me to consistently try new beauty and skincare products. If you aren’t already signed up to be a member, you can join here.

I thought it would be a good idea to show you all of my top picks from the Sephora sale.  All you girlies are sale shoppers so I am happy to help.  If you are a Beauty Insider, you receive 10% off, if you are a VIB, you receive 15% off, and if you are Rouge member, you receive 20% off.

I am going to break this post up into NON-CLEAN & CLEAN beauty picks.  My non-clean picks are cosmetics that I have been using for YEARS.  Since I just started using cleaner beauty products in November, I haven’t been using them as long, but I have tried a lot of them.

Keep in mind, there are going to be plenty of products that I have tried that are not in this sale round up.  I am only including the products that are worth the investment in my mind.  There is no need for me to waste your time and tell you about the things I didn’t totally love.



Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner. This eyeliner goes on smooth and lasts all day.  I wear shades Whiskey and Bourban. This is the eyeliner that I have been using since high school.

Laura Mercier Setting Powder. This is another beauty product that I have used since high school. It will help makeup last all day and decrease any shininess that occurs during long events. I use the translucent shade. I have tried other setting powders and no other can compare.

Anastasia Brow Wiz. I was introduced to this eyebrow pencil two years ago. This is the best one on the market because the pencil tip is so small. It helps create hairlike strokes, resulting in a naturally full looking brow.

Better than Sex Mascara. I use clean mascara now, but if I wasn’t so worried about what is in my products, this mascara is the best. It creates the fullest lashes!



ILIA Mascara. I just tried this mascara! It creates a full lash. I liked that it didn’t flake! For being a clean mascara, it is a great option. I have to be honest, I like the Beautycounter volume mascara more because it has a soft bristle brush.  This brush is a hard bristle.

Pharmacy Makeup Removing Balm. If you are looking for a gentle way to take mascara off, this is the best!

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream will instantly de-puff your eyes in the morning! It is also brightening.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir helps set makeup, tighten pores, and increase radiance in skin for the day. I love how refreshing it feels. I spray this in the morning before applying my makeup.



T3 Whirl Trio Wand is the wand I use. I cannot believe how much it has changed my curls. I love that there are multiple barrels, so it is three wands in one! I have found that my curls last longer and look fuller throughout the day because of the technology that keeps the heat even.

*UPDATE: The wand is sold out at Sephora.  The T3 website is price matching! You can get it here.*

Beauty Blenders are something I can’t live without. I use it to apply my foundation and blend my concealer in. Make sure you dampen it before you use it! This helps for an even makeup application and get the most use of all the product.

Foreo mini Luna 2 is a facial at home. I do not own this yet, but I am dying to try it! Everyone raves about how amazing their skin feels after.

Slip Silk Pillowcase makes your hairstyle last better throughout the night. My Mom swears by hers!

Last Minute Favorites

Living Proof Dry Shampoo is my favorite high end dry shampoo. You can rarely get it on sale so I would grab a couple of bottles.

DryBar Triple Sec is going to be your best friend if it isn’t already.  It magically adds volume and gives you that “I just left the hair salon” body.

St. Tropez Advanced Self Taner is the self tanner I have used since high school.  This is the most natural looking self tanner I have ever tried. The Advanced Formula can set in either 1, 2, or 3 hours, which is AMAZING!

These are my top picks, but there are plenty of other options online! I just wanted to show you the items that I would recommend buying. If you have any other products you love that you think other readers would love, comment them below!

Talk soon!

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