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Gift Guide for the Traveler

December 15, 2018

Whether you know someone who is traveling for work or traveling to seeing the world for fun, this gift guide covers the bases to make their travels hassle-free!  I have options that can fit in a stocking to options they can use to pack.  Many of these products are the pieces I used when I traveled to Europe for 4 months.

Gift Guide for the Traveler

Luggage and Carry-Ons

You need to have luggage that is strong and durable.  I linked my two favorite brands!  I also am very picky about my carry-ons.  I need my carry on to be big, comfortable, and also cute (obvi).  Below are my picks that fit all the above criteria.

For Girls

For Guys

This is the luggage I brought to Europe that works for Men and Women.


I am a horrible over packer. (oops) I need to have things organized because things either won’t fit, my luggage will be a mess, or I won’t be able to find what I am looking for.  These few pieces help keep my luggage and carry-ons organized.


Traveling in comfort and style is also important things for me when I travel.  If I am traveling on a long flight, a blanket and sleep mask are my best friends.  Here are a few things that I wear or bring along to make sure I travel in comfort.


When traveling internationally, you need to make sure you have converters.  I also love packing portable charges since I can be away from my housing for a long day.  Here are the tech pieces someone who travels shouldn’t leave their house without!


Beauty can be the worst thing to pack.  You have to worry about liquids, how much space they take up, and making sure your tools work if you travel internationally.  Here are my favorite beauty products and tools in travel size.

I also travel with some of my favorite Beautycounter products.  I love the Cleansing Balm in travel size to take off my make up and use as a moisturizing mask after a flight.  I like to pack my own soaps as well, so this set is perfect!

Stocking Stuffers + Gift Cards

I love filling a stocking with fun gifts! If you know someone who is traveling a lot or loves to travel, these are great ideas that they would love to see in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Be sure to check out my gift guide for men, the gift guide for you and me, and the gift guide for mom!

There are still more to come.  Take advantage of shopping online these last few days so you get your gifts in time.

Talk soon!

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