Gift Guide for the Girl Who Has Everything | 2019

December 17, 2019

Every gift guide this year is shoppable in many ways. You can click any image to shop it directly. You can click the titles under the image to shop. You can read the details about each item and click a link there! Read the post to hear about my picks for this year’s gift guide for the girl who has everything.

Large Knit Blanket // Allbirds Gym Shoes // Yeti 14oz Mug // David Yurman Cable // Vintage Lipstick Stand // Straw Woven Bag // Moonlight Pajamas // Dyson Hair Dryer // Simplehuman Mirror // Facial Mister

If you are looking for more information, I am giving the details about each item below.

1. Large Knit Blanket: This is a luxurious blanket that can make a statement in her living room or bedroom.  Even if she has one, she could use another one for a different room of the house.

2. Allbirds Gym Shoes: These gym shoes are gaining traction because they are made out of recycled water bottles.  Give her these as a gift and feel good knowing you put your dollars towards making a change.  If she has a pair of Allbirds, buy her a different line of their shoes.  They make casual shoes, atheltic shoes, leisurely shoes, and more.

3. Yeti 14oz Mug: This is something small but is a fan favorite.  It will help keep her tea or coffee warm for many hours.

4. David Yurman Cable: Even if she has one already, they look adorable stacked!  You can always get her another one with a different color stone or cable size.

5. Vintage Lipstick Stand: You may think she has everything, but she probably doesn’t have this feminine, vintage lipstick stand.  If she is into beauty and has a cute make up desk, this would look adorable on the top of her make up desk.

6. Straw Woven Bag: This designer straw bag is unique.  Any girl who has everything would love that this bag is a statement, but practical and timeless!

7. Moonlight Pajamas: Maybe she already has a pair? Who cares! Buy her another pair.  Every girl needs a pair of these pajamas for every night of the week.

8. Dyson Hair Dryer: I am sure she has a hair dryer, but probably not this one.  It is an investment, but has been said to decrease drying time, frizz, and damaged hair.  You can find it refurbished here for a cheaper price.

9. Simplehuman Mirror: She may have a make up mirror but upgrading the mirror to this one is an awesome present.  This mirror can be raised and lowered.  You can also control the brightness of it. Any girl who be tickled pink to receive this as a gift!

10. Facial Mister: This is a unique gift that she may not have.  It is not going to break the bank, but it can be a nice retreat for her.  She can use this at home to help with cleansing her face and relaxing at night.

Still not good enough? Give her the gift of clean beauty! There hasn’t been a beauty regulation passed since 1938. The toxins and chemicals in our make up and skin care is horrifying.  You can start her out with this clean skincare gift set.  There is also this clean make up set that includes the 6 products she will use everyday to get ready in 5 minutes.

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