Gift Guide for Your Parents | 2019

December 17, 2019

Every gift guide this year is shoppable in many ways. You can click any image to shop it directly. You can click the titles under the image to shop. You can read the details about each item and click a link there! Read the post to hear about my picks for this year’s gift guide for your parents.

Cocktail Making Machine // Record Turntable // Nora Fleming Chip and Dip // Nora Fleming Storage Box // Echo Show // Keurig Single Serve and Pot Duo // Wine Keeper // Bose Noise Canceling Over-Ear // Golf Accessory Holder // Multi-Game for Families // Wine Cooler

If you are looking for more information, I am giving the details about each item below.

1. Cocktail Making Machine: This machine just caught my eye this holiday season.  Supposedly, you can select any cocktail you would like and it makes the perfect mix drink every time! That is so fun.


2. Record Turntable: I gifted a turntable a few years ago and it has been such a fun gift.  We listen to old Christmas records and some of my parents favorites from back in the day.  There is always a story to reminisce on while the record plays.


3. Nora Fleming Chip and Dip with Storage Box: This is the sweetest gift for Moms.  It is a server for chips and dip and has a spot for a different ornament.  I also included the ornament storage box because it can be heard to keep track of all the different ornaments for the Nora Fleming pieces.


4. Echo Show:  We added these into our homes and we love it.  We utilize the drop in feature so we can check on each other.  It helps when you are in the house, but not near your phone.  My Mom loves it for its’ timer capabilities and playing music too!


5. Keurig Single Serve and Pot Duo: My parents struggle with only wanting two cups, but then when they have the family over or entertain, they HATE having a single cup brewer.  Well, this is the answer to their prayers.  They have the pot when they entertain and the single serve when it is only them around.


6.Wine Keeper: Sometimes your parents don’t finish the entire bottle of wine in one night.  However, we all hate keeping a bottle of wine after it has been opened.  This helps preserve the bottle of wine if they each only want one glass.


7. Bose Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones: My parents have had enough of the painful in-the-ear headphones.  They are huge fans of over-the-ear and these are also sound canceling.  This is the best of both worlds!


8. Golf Accessory Set: This is a sweet gift for any Dad that loves to play golf.  It is everything he needs in one little bag tag.


9. Multi-Game Board for Families: We are huge into family game nights, but my Mom also can’t stand all the boxes and decks all over the house.  This contraption has all of the popular games in one place.  It doesn’t take up too much space and it keeps everything together, so you don’t lose pieces.


10. Wine Cooler:  This gift is breaking the internet this year. It keeps a whole bottle of wine cool.  Whether your parents drink wine with dinner, on the patio of their beach house, or bring it over to their neighbors to mingle for the night, their wine will always be cold with this!


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