Gift Guide for the Fit Girl | 2019

December 17, 2019

Every gift guide this year is shoppable in many ways. You can click any image to shop it directly. You can click the titles under the image to shop. You can read the details about each item and click a link there! Read the post to hear about my picks for this year’s gift guide for the fit girl.

Fitbit Versa // Lululemon Gym Bag // Lululemon Align Leggings // APL Gym Shoes // Adidas Gym Shoes // 32 oz Hydroflask // Lululemon Zip Up // Smart Water Bottle // Bose Sport Headphones // Beautycounter Wipes

If you are looking for more information, I am giving the details about each item below.

1. Fitbit Versa: I am not in the Fitbit crew, but I know people who are really into running love this smart watch.

2. Lululemon Gym Bag: This bag is adorable. It looks like it can fit a lot. I love the shoulder strap and the crossbody strap capabilities.

3. Lululemon Align Leggings: If you don’t own a pair, buy them! These are the greatest leggings and they don’t budge while you work out.

4. APL Gym Shoes: I wouldn’t work out in these, but I do love them for leisurely wearing. I think they are cuter and slimming to your foot.

5. Adidas Gym Shoes: These are the shoes I would actually work out in. I love that if they get dirty, it is hard to tell. They are also really light weight.

6. 32 oz Hydroflask: This will keep your water cold all day.  It is quite large, but it does help you get in the recommended amounts of water every day. I drink 3 of these every day!

7. Lululemon Zip Up: This is my favorite thing to throw on after the gym. It can hide your sweaty clothes while you get errands done. It will also keep you from getting cold after sweating.

8. Smart Water Bottle: If you can’t hold yourself accountable to get the recommended amount of water in, this water bottle will keep track for you!

9. Bose Sport Headphones: I work out in these and love them.  They stay in your ear with the ear hooks.  They are never in the way because the cord is behind your neck.  They are also meant to be worked out in, so they can handle the moisture of sweat.  I have used these for years

10. Beautycounter Wipes: After you leave the gym, swipe one of these across your face and neck to feel clean and refreshed. Plus, they are a clean beauty product!

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