Gift Guide for the Lux Lover | 2019

December 17, 2019

Every gift guide this year is shoppable in many ways. You can click any image to shop it directly. You can click the titles under the image to shop. You can read the details about each item and click a link there! Read the post to hear about my picks for this year’s gift guide for the lux lover.

Gucci Sneakers // Barefoot Dreams Throw // Silk Pillow Case // David Yurman Cable // Designer Sunglasses // Gucci Bag // Dana Rebecca Necklace // Chanel Bag // Cashmere Slippers // Mikimoto Pearls

If I had an unlimited budget, every single one of these would be on my Christmas list.  I hope that open day they can be investment pieces for me that I can save and budget to treat myself to. If you are looking for more information, I am giving the details about each item below.

1. Gucci Sneakers: The price tag is huge for a pair of sneakers, but they are leather.  You can clean them and keep them looking nice. I think they are adorable with a hair of light colored jeans for a casual look.

2. Barefoot Dreams Throw: This item doesn’t break the bank, but it is included in this list because it is expensive for a blanket. It is a luxurious, soft, large blanket that looks adorable draped across the bottom of a bed.

3. Silk Pillow Case: This is another item that doesn’t break the bank, but it is a luxurious item.  The benefits of silk pillow cases are endless. It does not absorb as much of you facial cream like a cotton pillow case does.  You won’t wake up will pillow wrinkle marks all over your face and neck.  It also helps keep your hair smooth.

4. David Yurman Cable: DY cables are some of my favorite things. I wish I had endless amounts of them.  I think they are classy and sophisticated. They look beautiful stacked on your wrist.

5. Designer Sunglasses: I have had my eyes on these sunglasses for month. I think they are so chic. I have had this obsession with large sunglasses for a few years. I feel like these are timeless frames too.

6. Guccie Bag: There are so many things I love about this bag. I love the color, the size, the gold chain details, and the chevron quilt. I think it is a classic, timeless, and chic bag. You can dress it up or down.

7. Dana Rebecca Necklace: This pearl and diamond necklace is dainty and beautiful. It is designed by a local Chicago jewelry designer, Dana Rebecca. You can pick your initial. I think this would be pretty layered with other Dana Rebecca necklaces too.

8. Chanel Bag: This is a bag that I have the largest girl crush on. I would love to own this bag one day. It is so timeless. It is the definition of class. I can think of 100 different ways to style this. AHHH. I am in love.

9. Cashmere Slippers: These are some of the cutest slippers ever and they are cashmere. Your feet would be spoiled if you could wear these.

10. Mikimoto Pearls: My Grammie would always talk about how beautiful Mikimoto pearls are. I scroll through online staring at all the pieces. Maybe one day.

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